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High atop the tallest tree
The eagles nest is found,
Within the confines of the nest
The little eaglets abound,
Within the lofty nest of the eagle
There is peace and tranquility,
As they nourish their young continuously
On the road to maturity,
The nest is a community like the environment of man
Where God nourishes and matures
Those that are part of his plan,
He takes us to that high place
High above the hands of flesh,
To that point of stability
Where our spirits’ begin to mesh,
The nest a social setting the kingdom is like that too,
They need a ring of protection
Our God he sees us through,
Love emanates within the nest
As the eaglets are caressed,
God’s love rises deep within us
As we lay upon his breast,
The eaglets are secure in the nests’ confines,
Our peace is resident within the spiritual mind,
The eagles nest majestic
The foundation is so strong,
We stand upon the rock as life’s path moves along,
As the eagle gains elevation
He is high and lifted up,
As we wait upon the Lord he is sure to fill our cup,
The eagle returns to the nest
Its resting-place,
As we enjoy the arms of the Lord
We have won the race,
To soar like the eagle
Above the world below,
Look in the eyes of Jesus

And he will let you know.


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The Eagles Nest