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Bright-eyed and beautiful 2

So calm, so sensitive, so easy to love,

So easy to lose. God, I loved her from the

First moment I looked into her eyes. How

These things happen I don't know, all I do

Know is that I still love her and always will.


Bright-eyed and beautiful, baby sweet and

Bubbly, heaven holds the key. Her looks

Sheer temptation, her body Adam's granted

Wish... Why am I writing this? I don't know,

Perhaps one day she'll read it and recognise

The hand and forgive me for being such a fool.


The grass is always greener, 'til it withers

Then it dies, and you realise that the journey

Was never worth your while. You deserted a

Girl, you hurt a girl, for a shadow on a wall,

You ran but couldn't catch it, 'cause it wasn't

There at all.


Regrets such as these rarely diminish and

More than likely intensify with time, and like

A lot of mistakes in life they will chaff your

Soul until the day you die and after that?

Only God knows. Be careful who you hurt,

They may haunt you forever...


© Joseph G Dawson