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Charming, old-time classics
Like the suspenders that never failed his style
He was my loving, caring Grandpa
Laughing all the while

Fourth of Julys, Christmases
Backyards with willows that hung low
Science stores and breakfast spots!
A face that lit and glow...

Buttons on spinning strings
Blackbirds disappearing before our eyes
Searching through Grandma's sewing kit
For thimbles we would hide

Crazy jokes, laughter,
and two, no, THREE pieces of pie!
These are the things about Grandpa
that I will always call “mine”

Nursing homes, churches,
Sharing Jesus with everyone he knew
This is how you live your life,
This is how you do

Shaking my heart most
Is the compassion that he possessed 

The Godliness, the servanthood
…The acts of selflessness

He set an example before us,
Before everyone he knew
Especially his family
‘Cause of him, in God we grew

Our hearts are broken because we love him
We will miss his love and smile
But don’t worry friends and family
We will meet him in a while

A faithful servant, indeed
Now he enters Heaven’s door
Meeting his Creator
A joy forevermore

-Dayna Elizabeth Ill (Granddaughter) 3/2016

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Grandpa | Buttons, Black Birds & Thimbles