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'Cut me some slack'

The door was never locked I’m not

Your keeper, just a friend, the choice

To leave was always yours, no locks,

No bars, no cells. You brought the

Pain upon yourself, I never held you

Back, the door was always open,

We’re not married, tied or trapped.


You timed it to perfection, left me

Standing at a bar, a ruse to keep

Me busy while you loaded up your

Car, you said you needed space

To breathe and I was in your way,

There was no nest, just friends at

Best, your choice to go or stay.


You left the house, unannounced,

You never left a note, but you chose

To take my CDs, Barclay card and

Mobile phone. It’s always me, it’s

Never you, but let’s look at the facts,

You brought the pain upon yourself,

Now please, ‘cut me some slack.’


© Joseph G Dawson