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The Man in the suit

So sweetly clear and debonair,

Equally passionate with room to share,

As the song plays in the background...

"Let me take you there?"

Your theme song as you walk on by,

Decadently confident as you stroll without a care nor a damn thing to hide.

I admire you from afar,

Genuinely intrigued...peeking at exactly who you are,

Or are you more bizarre underneath of it all?

The man in the suit that is what I'll call you,

I do not need to know your name,

Can't blame...my thoughts already put you to shame.

So at ease, calm in your demeanor and surroundings,

I feel my heart suddenly starts pounding,

What caused it I am pretty sure you did,

The way you wear that damn suit,

Has turned me into a buttery liquid.

I like the way your suit fits,

Holding you...in rather a lovely little...mmm damn  class has been dismissed,

Sorry that I won't say or even too shy to admit,

Without a single word you got be me all lit!

Mmm maybe it's Brooks Brothers or better yet Italian made,

I swear you throwing some serious shade.

Unapologetic in how smooth you really are,

Got everyone watching like you are a shiny new sports car.

Yes I am watching you...oh yes you the man in the suit,

You know you fine and breathtakingly astute.

Sorry you just messed me up my brain is failing to compute...


You about to take my mind on a different route.

A slight detour...sure I'll welcome it if that's what you would like to do,

Your suit is causing me a huge "Breakthrough!"

I giggle, smile...bite my bottom lip,

As you undo that top button on your jacket...a slick simple grip.

Still amazed in how that suit fits to you,

Covering every surface...so perfect...mmm that's my cue...

Stick you in my memory like glue!

Thank you for the show,

Damn shame you have to go,

I raise my wine glass,

You got that suit off like a pro.

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