Tears Of Loss

Tear after tear prevails over laughter
the world feels empty and a sense of
remorse fills what used to matter.

One day to the next the remembrance of
what has laid to rest, it renders an
overwhelming pain that can't be contained.

A kind of hopelessness that creates
madness. the unbearable truth it is final,
while struggling to remain in denial.

They say their in a better place, Do they
know something the rest of us dont? Or
Perhaps hoping they will receive Gods grace

Boxes stacked, baring artifacts, pictures,
awards and personal accomplishments of
five different lifes and their chosen paths.

Going through my daughters belongings
touching, holding, her clothing, her writings,
her art, countless times I fell apart.

All meaningful to each one, but life continues
and memories fade, now that their lives were
over and done. mothers, fathers and son.

The only exception was my daughter ,
her things would have a different fate.
for my own hearts sake.

sorrowful task, one I could never look back.
I gathered from each, a little of this and that.
cried as I began throwing the rest in the trash.

It was then I realized All the things I may
accomplish, or the pictures of my youth..
only having meaning to me, that truth.

Tears of loss for those we love and bless
tears of loss for those of us who get tossed
in the trash and among the forgotten rest

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Tears Of Loss