Softly You Dream...

~Your dreams so tenderly wrapped in satin pleasures 'neath pillowed head.
  As loves velvet touch so warmly embrace under downy covers in your bed.

Deep kisses in the darkest of night you nuzzle jasmine scent in auburn hair.
Romantic thoughts caressing delicately milky sweet softness of skin so fair.

So moist your honeyed lips like morning dew on the rosebud in bloom.
Whilst you dream of soft brown eyes beckoning to stay in your hearts room.

Heavenly dreams that take you to an angels loving arms tonight.
Where she takes you to her breasts so warm,so tenderly in plain sight.

In heavenly dreams know you are my every desire my sweet addiction my need.
Where two lovers embrace in satin pleasures and love plants it's seed. ~

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Softly You Dream...

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