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The woman maketh-the-man

She blew into my life like an act of God,

All was calm and likely to remain so when

Suddenly the isobars tightened, a door

Flew open, and there she was.


A full on storm, leaving me holding onto

Anything nailed down. She had it all.

Temptation, inspiration, 'Come on,' and a

natural tactility that made touching her

Irrisistable. I couldn't leave her alone,

Nor did she want me to.


'The woman maketh-the-man' so they

Say, and not without good cause, for what

Woman doesn't carry with her the energy of

Life? The power of persuasion, of lust and

Of desire that causes men to put knife to

Palette, p
en to paper, dreams into ambition.

I would h
ave tostretch the erotic limits of

These pages t
oo far in order to fully convince

You of the vital e
nergy of which I speak/write.


What draws a man's eye to the female form is

An orchestration of pure wizardry. A mesmeric

Mixture of confusion and fascination, a delightful

Confection of tantalising lines each with its own

Silhouette, its own outline, its own aim to thrill,

Plus, all the 'special effects' needed to turn a

Man's head and keep it turned.


So, there you are ladies, sleep well, for on

The morrow there is work to do…


© Joseph G Dawson