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The cruel creativeness
of man's crafted cage
sparks the fire of internal rage
Though eager evilness desire
to extinguish the burning fire inside
The strength of justice keeps
the defiant soul alive
to finish out the end of the page
And deliverance awards the rough ride
with a kiss
Okay mar me in the mud
But I'm still clean through
The sacrifices the struggles the blood
Look at the fire burning inside, alive
Hell's burdensome turmoil does coincide
But the mind heaven's revenge in internal bliss
The root creates a bud
I shall see the might fold back resistance
For it is only right,
Truth prevails mightily in persistence
To bring all the dark things to the light
And the internal struggle is
no longer mankind's risk
What?!! Yes I'm pissed
Because distorted lies are everywhere
The evil cage is all men existence to bear
When corruption and deceit assist
Whether it be man or mad ape
All caged creation desire is to escape
But evil tears will never care

Copyrights 2016
Robert Anthony James

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