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America the Beautiful, Why?!
The pride the shame
The past the present sometimes in
bittersweet joyful pain I cry
She must claim all of her children
I too, want to fly
O sweet woods...beautiful clouds sing
to me a lullaby
The history of her love her hate
is being written in the pure sky
Her beautiful wings flaunt her fame
But some of her children have yet to
received a plate
Hanging helplessly on the edge of her bangs
The whole must come together
This land is so thirsty, so dry
Let it rain Let it rain Let it rain
Or we'll surely die
Where have the strong soldiers been sent?
For you, my love, I'll repent
You're still the apple of my eye
Only come back and consent
I beg you
But we continue to struggle with the ties that bind
How deep is her poverty?
How great are her riches
All man's robbery
Every child seeks her kisses
in their minds
But what will be her fate?

Copyrights 2016
Robert Anthony James

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America The Beautiful