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Title: Life as it should be

Today, I see, what life has to offer me.
The past may have been, one of loneliness, and complications for me.
In the beginning, I did not understand, or even see.
That everything, had to happen, the way it was meant to be.
Now, I ponder upon the past, that was given to me.
I am grateful, for what I have truly received.
It made me, see the true value of life, as it is to be.

Each day, we receive, happy we must be.
Full of joy, and love, as it was meant to be.
For the past, we can dream, for we were created to see.
This, was our life given, so that we, can have our dreams.
The present we have to live, as if it was our last.
So, treat each moment, as precious as you can, for it may be your last .
For, you may not have, another chance again.
For today, may be our last you see.  Tomorrow, is not written for us to see.
Truly, love yourself, as you would love another. 
It is best, to love from the heart, and to give life, happiness from the start.
If, you cannot love yourself you see, then, you cannot love others, as it should be.
You will find, the loneliness, and grief, which comes from hate you see.
This is the life, of which I have lived painfully.  Full of grief, and regrets.
I was angered, over my grief.  So my life, was full of loneliness you see.
So take heed, to my advice, that I have to give.  Make a change, in your life, so you can live.
Live life, to its fullest you see, by loving one another, as it should be.
For today, may be your last to be.

Paul Randall Fox (Highway)
Paul Randall Fox © 2016

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