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Title: Birthday wish for me

One second - one minute - one hour - one day.

Can you believe it’s another St Patrick’s Day?

Waking up made this a glorious day, one year older

I am to be today.

A birthday wish I must ask you today.

For everyone to wear green as it has been done in

the past.

That’s what makes this day special for all to see.

For today is to be a wonderful St Patrick’s Day for

you and me.

Jolly and playful you must be, singing – dancing,

and drinking is fun.

Eating corn beef and cabbage is how it is done.

Watching parades during the day, with marching

bands dressed in kilts as they play.

Little leprechauns dancing in the streets, giving

candy to children as they please.

In every tavern you will see; those serving true Irish

drinks to you and me.

Merry – merry I will be, for its St. Patrick’s Day for you

and me.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Paul Randall Fox
 Paul Randall Fox © 2016

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