ameriKKKa's Most Hated Muslim Poet
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Devotees of cults,
Dedicated to the religions of capitalism and patriotism ,
Imprisoned in an orb of schism ,
Truth is wrong and wrong is right,
Light is darkness and darkness is their light,
With chicanery the wealthy elite covertly and repeatedly beat the masses into cattle,
Burdened like beast ,
Minds in a schism ,
Void of wisdom,
Lost in mines of gross consumerism ,
Not prepared to give up the comfort of solid lodging,
Military service dodging,
Absorbed in materilistic lust ,
Hearts fill with greed and rust,
Not in god ...
Only paper bills do they trust,
Seeking canon fodder to die on foreign battlefields,
Authoring books with titles...
Like, "The Art of The Deal,"
Causing the devil to squeal with delight,
As the serfs and peons enlist to fight the rich mans fight,
Making ameriKKKa great again,
Converting them to the religion of patriotism,
Modern day satanic racist baptism ,
Locking up millions in prisons,
Slogans, rants and incessant racist chatter,
Because Black lives don't matter,
Do it our way...
Is your only option or choice,
Stay quiet if you dissent,
Only puppets are allowed to raise their voice,
Mansions, Bentleys and Rolls Royse,
Mansions, warm with fireplace and comfortable furnishings ,
The company of wives...
In communion with friends and family,
In peace and an environment filled with serenity,
Riding the Third Reich into infinity,
The sound of crickets... lulling to sleep ,
Cesspool wide open and yawning,
A new day is dawning...
Signaled by the chirping and quacking,
Of fowl upon the lake ...
As the Sun breaks... vanquishing ,
The last vestiges of the darkness of night,
Political ghouls manuver the electorate like fools,
With fingers poised at the controls ,
Threatening you to do as told,
Their tyranny stripped nude,
With flowery words they delude,
Monster like trolls,
Their evil unfolds,
As they hold the masses in disdain,
The elites... self proclaimed ,
Raise the stakes in the game,
With greed in their eyes,
With minds diabolically astute contemplating,
What lands to exploit and loot from those people upon whom they are always hating,
What youths to recruit to carry out their bidding,
Mass communication via bool s_itting,
Let's make ameriKKKa great again,
Let's watch them disrobe ...
All white supremacist are bigoted zenophobes,
Make it perspiciously clear...
There is nothing to fear but fear,
As the reality star drools...
Thinking he's saying something cool,
Let's make ameriKKKa great again,
By raining scorn and ridicule
Upon the heads of those Mexicans and Muslim fools,
Arrogant enough to question our methods or rules,
We will not allow those black, tan or brown faces ... to phase us,
Quick to used their weapons,
They mace, shoot or taze us,
They hate and mustrust us,
So, they have their pigs to bust us,
With their foul mouths they cuss us,
Have a genocidal blood lust for us,
They say...
We'll gift them Euthenasia,
We will set up free clinics... to practice our Eugenics,
Let's make ameriKKKa great again,
Let's dredge up , rehibilitate and restore the Dredd Scott Decision,
Necktie parties and good old down home cross burings and lynchings,
Millions in prison...
Minds in a schism,
New millennium slaves to the philosophy of social Darwinism ,
Patriotism, capitalism, consumerism,
It's our burden, it's our right,
White supremacy via racism our righteous plight,
Lets make ameriKKKa great again,

Trump for POTUS,


Habib Abu Lateef


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