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Sacrificial Lamb

Amidst the glory of a timeless place,
In a land ruled by amazing grace,
The majestic and powerful, the great I Am,
Became a meek and sacrificial lamb.

From the splendor of Heaven to lowly stable came,
Forsaking all riches and worldly fame.
He could have come as conquering king,
Or forced the masses to kiss his ring.

Rather His kingdom was in hearts alone;
A rugged cross His blood red throne.
Sinless and without spot, perfect atonement,
Lambs blood on our hearts mantle, perfect enthronement.

Embued with majesty and power, our rightful king,
His praises the angels and seraphim sing.
In love He sought our sin and darkness to purge,
We mocked and scorned as His back we did scourge.

For us He willingly paid the ultimate price,
As we rejected and denied Him thrice.
Our sins He accepted, our darkness He did claim;
Took upon Himself all guilt and blame.

Three days He lay in a dark stone tomb,
The Rose of Sharon had lost it's bloom.
The third morn dawned bright and clear,
As light blazed forth from a grave so drear!

Risen from death, o'er grave victorious,
Risen to keep a promise grand and glorious!
Eternal He reigns, the Lord of hosts
Alive and corporeal no shade or ghost.

He's coming soon, the trumpets will blare
All our sins and guilt laid bare.
Where will you be when the Lamb does return;
Will you live in glory, or will your soul burn?

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Sacrificial Lamb