Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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Neither and only when the most astoundingly vivacious of rainbow engulfed each bit of voluptuous sky; with the handsome Sun peeping occasionally to compassionately warm the atmosphere, 


Neither and only when the most miraculously mellifluous of nightingale; perpetuated every ingredient of sensuous air; with a tune that immortalized the spirit of a royally united existence, 


Neither and only when the most resplendently beaming stars twinkled to their full might; illuminating the fabric of the frigidly dreary night; with the rays of Omnipresent happiness, 


Neither and only when the most effulgently bounteous roses; mischievously bloomed under the first rays of the Sun; mesmerizing countless an impoverished nostril on this earth with their scent of insuperable togetherness, 


Neither and only when the most poignantly intrepid waves of the ocean majestically clashed against the enigmatic rocks; dissipated into such a froth which reinvigorated life back in each corpse stifled in the morose graveyard, 


Neither and only when the most seductively gregarious of leaves uninhibitedly swished in every conceivable direction; to evolve a whole new unconquerable civilization; of just breeze; breeze and exuberantly blessing breeze, 


Neither and only when the most unabashedly inimitable globules of rain cascaded from the belly of sky; celestially mollifying the agonizing cry of every obliviously thwarted molecule lying limp on cracked soil, 


Neither and only when the most inexplicably amorous forests; indefatigably rustled to their heart's content; tickling the carpet of golden dew strewn all around till unassailable eternity, 


Neither and only when the most perennially affable clouds formed an invincible cocoon in bald patches of sky; stretching every cognizable horizon of the impoverished brain; to beyond the realms of spell-binding utopia, 


Neither and only when the most untamed streaks of white lightening blended with mundane soil; magnificently fomenting each deadened pore of the skin to stand up in electric alacrity; towards the furthermost point in the heavens, 


Neither and only when the most philanthropic streams of blood floated on the boundless Universe; when each religion; caste; creed; sect and tribe; forever melanged into a-singleton impregnable color of humanity, 


Neither and only when the most spectacularly pristine puffs of brilliant snow copiously rolled down the hills; growing and growing larger in size till it almost resembled an unfathomable cosmos of unflinching purity, 


Neither and only when the most bewitchingly silver of horizons tantalizingly faded from veritable sight; leaving the earth with a desire greater than ever to witness the next princely sunset, 


Neither and only when the most divinely virile of seeds sprouted into their very first new leaf; which wondrously captivated every eyeball on this gigantic planet; with its unbreakable mantra of Omnipotent freshness, 


Neither and only when the most fearless swords of truth beheaded even the tiniest insinuation of the devil; wholesomely scrapping every bit of demonic bawdiness from earth-with the soul of righteousness, 


Neither and only when the most timelessly alluring of mirages drew hordes of organisms from the farthest quarter of the earth; making them ebulliently sing and unrestrictedly sway-in the swirl of unparalleled queenly sand, 


Neither and only when the most fierily unblemished breath; triumphantly inundated every conceivable cranny of the atmosphere; with undying gorges of fresh optimism and dazzling hope, 


Neither and only when the most unprecedented pulse of sensitivity completely coalesced with  every ounce of existence on this globe; spawning an unbelievable firmament of gloriously inseparable brotherhood, 


But; I wanted to make unrestricted; unparalleled; unsurpassable love to you O! Beloved;  every instant of ethereal dawn/eternal afternoon/sensuous evening and star studded night; which forever remained till the time I survived- as 24 X 7 X 365.

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24 X 7 X 365