Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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Irrespective of whether they were extraordinarily happy; or whether they inconsolably fretted in the aisles of utter desperation—with the gruesome blackness of extinction ominously maiming each of their senses, 


Irrespective of whether they were perennially successful; or whether they miserably floundered a countless times even before alighting a single foot—unnecessarily losing it- in their bouts of whimsical fidgetiness, 


Irrespective of whether they were unsurpassably rich; or whether they profusely slavered at the most diminutive morsel of food—brutally emaciating since a record number of days and treacherously freezing nights, 


Irrespective of whether they were in unconquerable space; or whether they were left to uncouthly stagnate on the fecklessly sordid streets and hackneyed gutter bins of the country's largest slum, 


Irrespective of whether they sang a boundless tunes in the praise of the Lord; or whether they sadistically licked up every pint of spit emitted by the vindictively trouncing devil, 


Irrespective of whether they bustled as perfectly symbiotic busy-bodies; or whether they aimlessly loitered through the lanes of slandering oblivion—which'd nothing but hoarse regret to offer as a pathetic end-product, 


Irrespective of whether they were unassailable magicians; or whether all what they dared touch; sullenly metamorphosed into frigidly incoherent bits of lame dust, 


Irrespective of whether they were invincible perfectionists; or whether they perpetually adhered to the famous axiom 'To Err is Human' and immortalized the same with their relentless failures, 


Irrespective of whether they were triumphantly persevering; or whether they lazed and endlessly lazed even under the most acrimoniously scorching sun; just because their bones creaked a trifle whilst getting up, 


Irrespective of whether they were brilliantly optimistic; or whether they lugubriously crumbled every instant reminiscing the mortuaries of the dreadfully asleep past, 


Irrespective of whether they were unflinching patriots; or whether they darted at the speed of lightening for cover; at the tiniest insinuation of the most imperceptible danger, 


Irrespective of whether they were blessedly fantasizing; or whether they lecherously circumscribed their entire lives within the constraints of the monotonously clerical corporate office, 


Irrespective of whether they were unconquerably truthful; or whether they were brutally trapped in satanically parasitic web of lies—resorting to it inevitably to find that ultimate escape route in today's manipulative world, 


Irrespective of whether they existed on the freezing north pole; or whether they compassionately warmed each ingredient of their blood under majestic rays of the Sun; extreme south, 


Irrespective of whether they conversed in articulate English; or whether they uninhibitedly recharged the atmosphere with every vibrancy of indigenous language that was spoken under the Sun, 


Irrespective of whether they were the perfectly synchronized gentlemen; or whether they resided in rustically mud baked huts—bursting at the seams to accommodate an innumerable more of their kind, 


Irrespective of whether they were Christ fearing Christians; or whether they were an equally Bhagwan/Allah/Buddha fearing 'Hindus'/ 'Muslims'/ 'Buddhists' and every other sacred tribe on earth divine, 


Irrespective of whether they wholeheartedly celebrated wondrous X-Mas; or whether they zealously indulged in the lights and colors of; 'Holi', 'Diwali', 'Muharram', 'Id' and countless other sacred festivals of the likes, 


O! Yes—Irrespective of anything and everything-On the 31st of December every year—all of them joined hands in one insuperable mass together; embraced each other without the tiniest of discrimination -to welcome the newest dawn of all times—the dawn of a joyously happy new year—the first Sunrise of a magical 1st January.

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31st December-my Ultimate Hero.