Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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A bucket of stones; to built and resurrect my gruesomely broken dwelling, 


A bucket of sparkling water; to clean my unwashed body; annihilate the last iota of dirt incorrigibly adhering to remote corner of my skin, 


A bucket of food; to wholesomely appease the overwhelming pangs of hunger in my famished stomach; my volcanic desire to chew, 


A bucket of flocculent cotton fluff; to impart me with compassionate warmth in the heart of frozen winter, 


A bucket of intractable glue; to coalesce the shattered fragments of distorted glass in which I sighted my heavenly reflection, 


A bucket of scintillating pearls; to sustain the vagaries of day to day and uncouthly monotonous life, 


A bucket of feather tipped pens; to emboss and evolve infinite lines of spell binding literature, 


A bucket of ominously black clouds; showering thunderbolts of tantalizing rain on the trajectory of this scorched planet, 


A bucket of antiseptic detergent; to decimate those inconspicuous germs lingering round my immaculate persona, 


A bucket of sizzling tea; to profusely reinvigorate and stimulate my every languidly dreary morning, 


A bucket of appetizing brown chocolate; to stringently awaken the dormant dormitories of my brain, 


A bucket of fortified sticks; granting me that impregnable prowess of defending myself against the most heinously hostile of enemy, 


A bucket of dead and stupendously lifeless bones; to make me realize the value of harmoniously precious life, 


A bucket of incomprehensibly enigmatic enigmas; to prolifically rekindle my dying imagination, 


A bucket of flabby caps; to wholesomely sequester me from acerbic rays of the flaming Sun, 


A bucket of looming watches; to accurately depict to me every unleashing minute of the day, 


A bucket of crisp bonded paper; to facilitate me to compile a grandiloquent book harnessed with my very own blood, 


A bucket of freshly extracted poignant ocean salt; to deluge my lackadaisical life with loads of seductive vibrancy, 


A bucket of uncontrollable love; to flood my impoverished visage with the 

ecstatic fire to leap; 


the turbulent urge to exist amongst a pack of savage wolves on this planet, 


And a bucket of breath to inundate my jacket of fragile brown lungs with freshly reinvigorating air; granting me the unprecedented tenacity to survive; granting me an indomitable urge to live my complete  quota of destined years.

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A Bucket Of Breath