Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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I wore a brilliantly orange cloak of vibrant oranges; when I felt I was ardently surging forward; towards the fireballs of untamed exuberance, 


I wore a sedately tranquil apron of celestial dewdrops; when I felt a wave of overwhelming contentment wholesomely enshrouding; every iota of my profusely fatigued countenance, 


I wore a seductive cistern of rustling tree leaves; when I felt the bountifully enchanting winds of the astoundingly tantalizing night; tickle me like a new 

born child, 


I wore a mystically fragrant garland of robust roses; when I felt every step of my impoverished existence; unfurling into an unfathomably priceless ocean of 

virile dreams, 


I wore a thunderously poignant tiger skin; when I felt the insatiable inferno of surreptitious carnal desire; transcend its ebullient spell over each of my; devastatingly beleaguered senses, 


I wore a titillating cloud of enamoring velvet; when I felt the skies of profoundly enigmatic mysticism; unrelentingly bequeathing upon me; the spell binding rain 

drops of perennial yearning, 


I wore a statue of profusely intrepid earth; when I felt the unflinchingly impregnable mountain of blazing patriotism; scintillating unleash from every pore of my 

nimble visage, 


I wore a piquant shawl of tumultuously fiery chili; when I felt irascibly provoked by the uncouthly savage and acrimoniously conventional society; when the spirit of retribution was all that diffused from my diminutive soul, 


I wore a gorgeous sheet of emphatically whistling bells; when I felt jubilantly philandering through the aisles of fascinating romance; euphorically hoodwinking the majestic Sun; before it kissed the horizons goodbye, 


I wore a sparkling scarf of innocuously radiating pearls; when I felt as if the entire grandiloquence on this Universe; had divinely blended with each droplet of my effusively scarlet blood, 


I wore a dilapidated curtain of threadbare cotton; when I felt invidiously stabbed for centuries immemorial; by dolorously depressing coffins of; bizarre loneliness, 


I wore a incredulously slim handkerchief of moisture; when I felt the blistering heat of the treacherously sweltering Sun; disdainfully scorch my demeanor to; gruesomely livid ash, 


I wore a compassionately warm mattress of sheepskin; when I felt particles of forlorn remorsefulness infiltrate deep down into my soul; when the avalanches of freezing winter unsparingly endeavored their best; to asphyxiate the last breath out of 

my lungs, 


I wore boundless helmets of formidable solidarity; when the sky surrounding me rained down globules of penalizing hell; ruthlessly lambasting my body with

whirlwinds of maliciously disparaging discontent, 


I wore colossal jackets of ravishing watermelon skin; when I felt my mind was going insanely berserk; when I felt that I needed to melodiously placate that extra iota of my; vindictive steam, 


I wore a robotic map of pragmatic commercialism; when I felt that I was drifting a trifle too much; towards the world of surreally meaningless and lackadaisical nothingness, 


I wore an irrefutably unassailable fortress of truth; when I felt that I was blissfully transiting into impeccable childhood; seeking the most mesmerizing of solace in life; in the feet of my divinely mother, 


I wore a stupendously grandiloquent entrenchment of breath; when I felt that I was deliberating dwindling towards my morbidly insidious corpse; when I felt as

if I had abnegated all charm to exist, 


And I wore an immortal carpet of unconquerable life; when I felt I was falling in sacred love; perpetually entwining every element of my persona with my heavenly

beloved; forever and ever and ever.

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A Carpet Of Life