Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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A lifetime of sharing; unveiling the most intricate secrets; overtopping the barriers of the disdainfully acrid society, 


A lifetime of poignant emotions; with the inner most recesses of the heart effusively portraying their ultimate even in the heart of chilly night, 


A lifetime of caring; compounded with the uninhibited spirit of selfless sacrifice, 


A lifetime of frolicking in the aisles of untamed desire; with the winds of doom miserably dwindling to curb the flame of perpetual romance, 


A lifetime of belief; with the devil of sinister misconception vanishing completely into wisps of obsolete oblivion, 


A lifetime of overwhelmingly exuberant adventure; marching intrepidly; with invincible solidarity to achieve our goals, 


A lifetime of mesmerizing fantasy; perennially wound in each others arms in a mystical entrenchment of our own, 


A lifetime of respecting our revered ancestors; worshipping the path of impeccably righteous ideals which they so diligently persevered till the time they died, 


A lifetime of empathy for our fellow compatriots; transgressing shoulder to shoulder with in their moments of ecstasy and inexplicable sorrow, 


A lifetime of staring profoundly into our eyes; no matter what evil tried to infiltrate into the carpets of this blissful world, 


A lifetime of philandering like newly discovered lovers; tickling each other till tears of

incomprehensible freedom trickled down our eyes, 


A lifetime of procreating our own progeny; proudly carrying forward God's most marvelous chapter of existence, 


A lifetime of accepting each other; of what we were; and of what we unfortunately couldn't be, 


A lifetime of holding hands with each other; confronting the mightiest of obstacle that came our way; with the wave of our immortal love, 


A lifetime of understanding each other; discovering the most minuscule of our likes and dislikes to the boundaries beyond sagacious comprehension, 


A lifetime of vows and resolutions; to serve each other till the time we relinquish our breath; match each other step for step, 


A lifetime of perseverance; an unrelentingly enduring struggle that saw us eventually clamber up the summit of glittering success, 


A lifetime of loving each other so insatiably; that the most treacherous of pain metamorphosed into a million smiles, 


And most importantly; a lifetime of life; and a lifetime of death; is how I wanted to lead my life with you O! beloved; till the time Almighty Lord wanted us to be.

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A Lifetime