Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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They floated like inflated gas balloons, 

bounced to and fro between the earth and sky, 

leapt from amazing height of the castle tower, 

drowned deep in remote galleries of the blue ocean, 

walked through crackling flames producing blistering heat, 

ate needle thorn with coats of salt for evening supper, 

drove their cars suspended in air, evading cumbersome jams, 

closed their breaths for abnormal hours without traces of suffocation, 

transformed the patches of earth on which they tread into sticks of gold, 

held out their hands for scorpions to sting, 

took bath in fuming acid at the rise of handsome dawn, 

inscribed the names of their beloved on flesh with rusty knife, 

chewed the hardest of bone with nonchalant ease, 

devoured atom bomb shell like flavored candy cakes, 

scored cent percent marks in every single grade, 

bludgeoned their way, unhurt amidst an ambience of indiscreet gunfire, 

swam with the elegance of a white shark through the red sea, 

were invisible in the brightest sunlight of the day, 

danced all throughout the night without a single spell of enchanting sleep, 

they had existed since millions of calendar year, 

in secret domains beyond silver grey outlines of the rain cloud, 

even before the first sign of life wept on this earth, 

some millions years prior to man's creation, 

their awesome power was simply unparalleled, 

they always wore satin robes of spotless white, 

they christened themselves as angels of the sky

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Angels Of The Sky