Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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Profusely embracing the resplendently glistening stars; perpetually feasting in the inimitably unparalleled glory for times immemorial, 


Uninhibitedly embracing the fathomlessly blessing skies; letting the exuberantly romantic clouds weave valleys of exhilaration in every bereaved cranny of my

diminutive body, 


Timelessly embracing the panoramically sensuous meadows; endlessly cavorting with the beautifully golden dewdrops; for centuries unprecedented even after my very last breath, 


Irrevocably embracing the magically rejuvenating waterfalls; astoundingly blending each of my deliriously deranged nerves with stupendously unsurpassable ecstasy, 


Unassailably embracing the slopes of immaculately mollifying ice; bestowing Omnipotent reprieve to my brutally scorched and pathetically sweltering senses, 


Unceasingly embracing opulently inebriating majesty; letting the fabric of silken royalty evolve me into a civilization of magnificently unlimited charisma, 


Unstoppably embracing inscrutably tantalizing forests; tirelessly frolicking in the ravishingly euphoric entrenchment of bountifully untainted wilderness, 


Unlimitedly embracing peerlessly brilliant rays of the Omnipresent Sun; beautifully enlightening every flagrantly blackened arena of my life with the rays of undefeatedly ebullient optimism, 


Immutably embracing ubiquitously egalitarian humanity; melanging even the most infinitesimal ingredient of my crimson blood with the perpetually emollient religion

of pricelessly unconquerable mankind, 


Entirely embracing marvelously amber hives of innocuous honey; slowly slurping the miraculously heavenly sweetness till an infinite unfettered births of mine, 


Indomitably embracing unflinchingly altruistic patriotism; proudly brandishing every cranny of my penurious countenance; with the armor of honesty to forever serve my motherland, 


Unfathomably embracing Omnisciently transcending tranquility; mitigating even the most ethereal speck of my monotonously decrepit persona; with the mists of

eternally placating solitude, 


Irretrievably embracing uncannily tingling smog's; letting the inexplicably unknown fantastically perpetuate into my manipulatively commercial and torturously turgid soul, 


Unprecedentedly embracing the celestially pelting globules of silvery rain; letting every trajectory of my emaciated flesh; effulgently sparkle with the ultimate blessings of Omniscient Almighty God, 


Intransigently embracing the caverns of fabulously blooming seduction; galloping through the lanes of unhindered mischief; with countless triumphantly nubile maidens by my impoverished side, 


Unrestrictedly embracing the songs of everlastingly regale unity; coalescing every conceivable beat of my existence with the spirit of invincibly compassionate



Victoriously embracing benign goodness in its every construable form; unequivocally enabling the oceans of selflessness to majestically diffuse from each pore of

my magnanimously blessed silhouette, 


Impregnably embracing quintessentially radiant breath; wonderfully letting whirlpools of charismatically free air; drift into my ephemerally asphyxiating nostrils, 


Immortally embracing the chapters of unconquerable love; embossing their unshakable signature upon every beat of my unrelentingly throbbing heart, 


But forever and ever and ever at your Omnipotent toes; leading each aspect of my destined life as well as abnegating the very last trace of air in my disdainfully stuttering lungs; solely at your Godly feet O! Divinely Beloved; O! Pristinely Priceless


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