Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

144,805 poems read

Be fanatic; but solely for your fabulously glorious art; incessantly drowning in its stupendously ingratiating glory; irrespective of what the uncouth society said, 


Be fanatic; but solely for your philanthropic deeds; indefatigably helping all those tormented whom you encountered in your way; with the inherently blossoming benevolence in your palms, 


Be fanatic; but solely for your friendship; manifesting it into the most invincible force on this Universe; an unconquerable strength which handsomely mitigated pathetically shivering living kind, 


Be fanatic; but solely for your fantasy; unrelentingly dreaming in the aisles of uncurbed desire; instilling fireballs of desire in every entity dithering lackadaisically towards hopeless extinction, 


Be fanatic; but solely for the magnificent beauty you witnessed; entrenching yourself profusely in its royal swirl; disseminating its ravishingly enthralling essence; to each gloomy corner of this Universe, 


Be fanatic; but solely for the benevolence lingering profoundly in your soul; indefatigably endeavoring your best to metamorphose all lechery on planet earth; 

once again into a blissful paradise, 


Be fanatic; but solely for the blood in your veins; the ubiquitously scarlet color of which united you irrefutably with every religion of this world, 


Be fanatic; but solely for the magnanimous smiles on your rubicund lips; the rhapsodically uninhibited joy; which enlightened disastrously impoverished lives with

optimistic rays of hope, 


Be fanatic; but solely for the enchantingly golden perspiration that dribbled from your body; the scent of supremely satisfying hardwork; proving as a messiah for all those rotting in the land of satanically dilapidated; shortcuts, 


Be fanatic; but solely for the unfathomably melodious sounds that uttered from your throat; bonding horrifically devastated souls with the unprecedented harmony in 

your voice, 


Be fanatic; but solely for the insurmountable fruits of nature you harnessed and cherished; while the manipulative world outside; feasted on sleazy peppermint and whiningly adulterated wine, 


Be fanatic; but solely for the Herculean fortitude in your countenance; the unflinching spirit with which you surged forward towards the corridors of prosperity; uplifting your orphaned mates to light a perennial smile to their shattered lives, 


Be fanatic; but solely for the unfinished aspirations of your parents; at times achieving the most unsurpassably impossible; to let their souls sleep in eternally celestial rest, 


Be fanatic; but solely for the impeccable child philandering in your bones; relentlessly frolicking in the lap of your sacrosanct mother; far away from the manipulatively diabolical vagaries of this planet; and the greedy licking a pile of worthless notes, 


Be fanatic; but solely for the incomprehensible power in your wrists; massacring all trace of horrendously stinking evil; forever with your unshakable sword of impregnable righteousness, 


Be fanatic; but solely for the ultimate passions engulfing each cranny of your diminutive caricature; rising above the astronomical summits of the towering mountains; to shake hands with the perpetually blazing Sun, 


Be fanatic; but solely for your heart; incarcerating in it the soulmate of your dreams resisting all malice; sharing and propagating with her all the goodness you could have ever perceived; since the time you were born on mother earth, 


Be fanatic; but solely for your chivalrously advancing footsteps; asking the Almighty to bless you with the magical prowess of transforming each step you tread on; into a paradise for the crumbling world outside, 


And be fanatic; but solely for your life; ardently desiring to lead a countless more lives in a single lifetime; provided that you soared above the clouds as each day unveiled into an exotic night; affording the same to all fraternity of God's precious living kind.

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Be Fanatic