Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

182,412 poems read

Beyond morbid exteriors of vulture egg; lie immaculate pearls in the shell of oyster, 


Beyond frigid feathers of peacock; lie steel wings of the fighter jet, 


Beyond soiled persona of bathroom slippers; lies a compactly juxtaposed shoe, 


Beyond scantily fortified blades of table fan; lies the colossal silhouette of wind mill, 


Beyond threadbare moulds of lackluster tin; lies ostentatious biscuits of gold, 


Beyond the surreal demeanor of black ant; lies the invincible dinosaur, 


Beyond dilapidated realms of broken hut; lies the articulately synchronized palace, 


Beyond despicable light of the sodium bulb; lies the dazzling brilliance of sun, 


Beyond scarce trickle of crystal mountain stream; lies the magnanimous ocean, 


Beyond mundane display of the century old type-pad; lies the hi-tech computer, 


Beyond cloistered interiors of diminutive timepiece; lies the gargantuan clock tower, 


Beyond revered portrayal in exquisite sculpture; lies the true stalwart, 


Beyond extravagant dreams of suffering; lies the real pain, 


Beyond variegated leaves of Christmas tree; lie sprawling meadows of untamed green, 


Beyond the monotony of onerous work; lies impeccable truth imbibed in soul, 


Beyond fledglings of tender fur; lies the menacing panther, 


Beyond petite footsteps while treading on silk; lie violent kicks dismantling ground, 


Beyond pilfering minute quantities of currency note; lies the cold blooded serial killer, 


Beyond garrulous talk of shrewd businessman; lies the innocuous cry of a baby, 


Beyond frugal droplets of languid rain; lies tumultuous avalanches of snow cascading down, 


Beyond the jelly fish fluttering in a shallow tank; lies Grey whale inhaling 

exorbitantly in the ocean, 


Beyond a volley of disdainful abuse hurtling rampantly from mouth; lies sacrosanct preaching, 


Beyond parables of venomous hatred; lies compassionate anecdotes of love, 


Beyond frivolous dispositions towards alien; lies the life bestowing mother, 

And beyond sheer intelligentsia; contemporary inventions of man; lies the  omnipotent Creator.

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