Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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Every speck of my eye frantically wanted to sight it; insatiably yearning to witness its gloriously unfathomable and emphatically commiserating contours, 


Every ingredient of my blood intransigently wanted to cherish it; relentlessly desiring to coalesce with its wonderfully resplendent essence of timelessly miraculous mankind, 


Every pore of my skin desperately wanted to feel it; ebulliently unite with its rhapsodically bountiful swirl; till times beyond infinite infinity, 


Every contour of my lip sensuously wanted to caress it; everlastingly imbibe its charismatically Omnipotent sweetness; the supremely invincible melody in its kiss, 


Every space of my ear indefatigably wanted to hear it; perennially assimilate its wonderfully impregnable goodness; unassailably blend with benign fascination in its gregarious voice, 


Every crevice of my spine unrelentingly wanted to posses it; impregnably bond with its eternally  Omniscient aura; to forever cascade like the stream of uninhibitedly royal humanity, 


Every line of my palm incorrigibly wanted to drift with it; perpetually make it the ultimate elixir to lead life; perpetually make it the ultimate destiny to symbiotically exist for a countless more lifetimes, 


Every globule of my sweat tirelessly wanted to flirt with it; tantalizingly philander with its marvelously enchanting spirit; every unfurling minute of the day; as well as through the winds of the charming night, 


Every toe of my foot incessantly wanted to tickle it; frolic in the aisles of unparalleled desire with its river of spell binding togetherness; be an integral part of its wave of unending compassion, 


Every dimple on my cheek irrevocably wanted to admire it; blush like a freshly embellished and pristine bride; as its winds of enthrallingly ecstatic vivacity; were all that transcended over the entire planet, 


Every chord of my brain irretrievably wanted to fantasize about it; be forever profusely overwhelmed by its astoundingly artistic dexterity; its unsurpassably rejuvenating myriad of forms, 


Every goose-bump on my belly fantastically wanted to dance with it; be gloriously titillated by its unprecedented fireball of thunderous sensuousness; be miraculously blessed by its Omnipotent mantra of mankind, 


Every hair on my countenance irrefutably wanted to intermingle with it; replenish a whole new civilization of bountiful beauty; with each of its magically endowing and princely elements, 


Every cringe on my forehead insatiably wanted to encapsulate it; beautifully feeling its harmoniously synergistic imagery; accepting it as the only and sole preaching to 

lead vibrantly euphoric life, 


Every undulation of my eyelashes uncompromisingly wanted to savor it; flutter every now and again for its impeccably holistic soul; for its timelessly proliferating township of boundlessly everlasting beauty, 


Every iota of my conscience synergistically wanted to harness it; unflinchingly march forward towards the path it drifted; saluting its victoriously blazing spirit for centuries unprecedented, 


Every cranny of my nostril inexhaustibly wanted to breathe it; exhale its incredulously mesmerizing panacea for Global peace; metamorphose every disastrously beleaguered life into the epitome of sparkling prosperity with its divinely grace, 


Every beat of my heart unconquerably wanted to bond with it; let its rhythm of Omnipresent jubilation; be the only reason to be forever alive, 


Therefore I humbly pray to you O! Almighty Creator to bless each aspect of my existence with it; replenish each of my devastatingly frazzled senses with its

immutable magic; and let those words "IT", be nothing else but immortal love in my penurious life.

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