Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

144,870 poems read

I viewed television for long hours on the trot, 

Flickering images of the screen flooding inert regions of my eye, 

I suddenly felt my head throbbing like a thousand needles, 

And I shut my eyes with ardent fervor; to avoid getting blatantly bored. 


I swam with zealous strokes in sapphire blue waters of the swimming pool, 

Floating occasionally with my vision riveted to the placid moon, 

The exuberance prevalent at the start was slowly dwindling, 

And the very perception of crossing parallel stretches of water, 

Rendered me feeling dreadful and bored. 


I drove my parrot green automobile at breathtaking speeds, 

Manoeuvring dexterously through sharp bends of the valley, 

With mesmerizing tunes o music piercing me like steel arrows, 

Days sped into ghastly nights; the rally was yet far from accomplished, 

And I prayed fervently to god to exit from this utterly boring rigmarole. 


I sprawled a bunch of dotted cards on the fur topped desk, 

Shuffling them with meticulous precision and care, 

With a scintillating bottle of rum lying by my side; 

As the vigils of dusk took a stranglehold on day, 

the once coherent images; struck me as indecipherably blurred, 

twin pairs of my eyes were bored; succumbing gladly to indispensable sleep. 


I chanted unrelentingly the mantra of God, 

Swaying with robust energy to the omniscient personality of the Creator, 

Drowned in totality with the essence of celestial rays, 

Fulfilling the imperative quota of duties; towards my counterpart human being, 

The ritual slaughtered traces of boredom from my life; 

Reinforcing exasperated avenues of my mind with the vastness of spiritual


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