Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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Who's ordered you to embrace all humanity; hoist each orphaned child magnanimously upon your rubicund back? 

But at least don't mercilessly annihilate innocent like squashed insects; ruthlessly manipulating lives of the immaculate millions in the swirl of your barbaric malice.


Who's ordered you to worship every temple that you encountered on the streets; bowing down diligently to every impoverished beggar wailing incongruously


But at least don't pulverize philanthropic civilizations with your ominously lethal bombs;  blowing up the blissful world; in non-chalant wisps of 

derogatory smoke.


Who's ordered you to indefatigably frolic in the lap of your mother; tirelessly floating in the aisles of impeccable childhood fantasy? 

But at least don't impeach treacherously upon the territories of your revered motherland; lecherously molesting the innocuous in chains of utter devastation.


Who's ordered you to dedicate your entire existence for the sake of those in inexplicable pain; apply the  uninhibited ointment of your love on despicably oozing blood and wounds? 

But at least don't rub salt in those eyes profusely crying; brutally lambasting those with your satanic whip; who had already relinquished breath and died.


Who's ordered you to embellish each life with your unprecedented richness; shower upon an unprecedentedly bountiful blessings upon mankind; while you miserably shivered every instant and died? 

But at least don't ridicule those gruesomely maimed and blind; penalize the already deprived with your baseless webs; of manipulatively blood sucking



Who's ordered you to transport the disastrously trembling; to places of heavenly comfort; benevolently shouldering their weight upon your lone shoulders? 

But at least don't indiscriminately run your car over those impoverishedly sleeping on cold pavements; as you basked in the glory of sleazy wine 

and princely desire inside.


Who's ordered you to be the ultimate messiah of this planet; metamorphosing every withering soul's dream into a perpetual reality? 

But at least don't stand like a demonic impediment in the way of those about to achieve the pinnacle of success; savagely sabotaging their hard earned share of ardent happiness.


Who's ordered you to bond every passionately throbbing hearts ubiquitously across the Universe; disseminate the essence of immortal love in every philanthropic entity you met? 

But at least don't mercilessly break harmoniously blossoming relationships; rendering countless bodies to exist without the slightest of purpose; without 

the slightest of breath.


Who's ordered you to feed every famished organism on earth with appetizing morsels of food; horrendously starving while your tottering mates marvelously

replenished their famished hides? 

But at least don't trade their pathetically frugal skeleton of mere bones to tyrannically slave; for overflowing your treasury with a stinking wad of notes.


And who's ordered you to instill the Omnipotent panacea of life in every dead; procreating boundlessdivine with the unsurpassable potential of your countenance? 

But at least don't torturously kill and corrupt God's impeccable fleet of organisms; at least don't rise taller than skies; embedding your roots more

formidably every instant on the land of innocent blood

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But At Least Don`t