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I'll be Romeo to your Juliet,

You'll be Bonnie to my Clyde,

Isolde to my Tristram, 

Frankenstein to your bride

In this love that has only

Very recently begun.
So, seat belts tight darling

For our ride of fun.

We're taking off fast,

Moving through the gears

Into the fast lane

For our remaining years.

We'll grow old disgracefully,

Lead fate a merry dance;

Life shoots past quickly

And we only have one chance. 

You can wear your glad rags,

I'll be wearing jeans;

We'll be moving so fast 

We'll hardly be seen.

Fortune they say

Favours the bold

So let's kick ass 

On our way to growing old.

We'll show the youngsters

How to rock and rave

As we go down fighting

To that inevitable grave.

While to the world outside

We'll just be Sue and Terry

I'll be Caesar to your Julia

And Tom to your Jerry.

Caviars and chips,

Champagne night caps

With afternoon time

For our little naps,

And when its time to go

Dont let me hang about,

just give me the injection and

I’ll go with a bang and a shout.

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