Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

144,751 poems read

When smoke grey clouds in the cosmos collided with each other,  

there were monstrous reverberations of brutal thunder; succeeded by rain showers of inclement rain.


When rustically adorned leaves of the tree collided with each other, 

the atmosphere was engulfed with enchanting melody; at the outbreak of dawn.


When saline waves of the ocean collided with each other, 

there was Herculean amount of white spray that diffused with vibrant tenacity.


When chrome tipped utensils in the kitchen collided with each other, 

there were discordant sounds that unrelentingly pierced; sensitive arenas of eardrum.


When sedans traversing at whirlwind speeds collided with each other, 

the aftermath rendered their princely silhouette to threadbare distortions of junk.


When the rays of 'Sun God' collided with cloistered earth, 

the darkness was thoroughly illuminated with beams of perpetual light.


When hands bereft of jewellery collided with each other, 

crisp noises of triumph echoed through corridors of nonchalant doom.


When puffs of disdainful smoke collided with pelting showers of water, 

traces of obnoxious dirt got annihilated in the fury of rain.


When immaculate globules of fresh milk collided with child lips, 

obstreperous cries of the infant were instantly pacified; as he succumbed to the  delights of invincible sleep.


When blatant lies collided with impeccable anecdotes of honesty, 

the sacrosanct aura of truth devoured every bit of malpractice; radiating vociferously with a perennial shine.


When fleet footed mongoose collided with the venomous snake, 

the innocuous creature registered a swashbuckling victory over its deadly counterpart.


When exorbitant hatred collided with a mountain of love, 

the harmony in compassion transformed it into a philanthropic entity.


And when the nefarious devil collided with the omniscient persona of GodHead, 

he lay massacred in realms of parasitic hell

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