Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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Cease to barbarically fight; but don't cease to profoundly admire; poignantly stare into the eyes of irrefutably holistic humanity, 


Cease to treacherously rot; but don't cease to uninhibitedly swim; rhapsodically bouncing in waves of exhilarated benevolence, 


Cease to insidiously discriminate; but don't cease to perpetually unite in threads of unconquerable mankind; bequeathing a cloud of unprecedented prosperity upon

every chunk of soil that you harmoniously tread, 


Cease to lecherously lie; but don't cease to escalate higher than the dormitories of unassailably marvelous eternity;  bonding with flames of everlasting truth, 


Cease to lazily loiter; but don't cease to exuberantly gallivant in the aisles of perennial freedom; unequivocally marching towards the walls of philanthropically glittering success, 


Cease to monotonously scrub; but don't cease to indefatigably fantasize in the winds of never ending desire; bestowing and gregariously conceiving all the majestic goodness; that handsomely floated in the piquant atmosphere, 


Cease to brutally incarcerate; but don't cease to blissfully donate; inundate every space traumatically besieged with sullenly dilapidated darkness; with miraculously Omnipotent rays of; true friendship, 


Cease to surreptitiously plan; but don't cease to candidly divulge the innermost voices of your enchantingly sagacious conscience; bask in the unparalleled glory of irrefutable righteousness, 


Cease to maliciously bark; but don't cease to melodiously sing; deluge the remorsefully morbid air around; with the stupendously mesmerizing cadence of brotherhood; in 

your coherently compassionate voice, 


Cease to satanically poison; but don't cease to apply the most unequivocally Omnipresent panacea of love upon all those murderously deprived; healing their fathomlessly inexplicable ocean of wounds; with the fragrance of humanity in your blood, 


Cease to tyrannically lambaste; but don't cease to frolic in the lanes of ingratiatingly enamoring flirtation; rejoicing the most impeccable moments of divine childhood; even when you were about to exhale out the last breath of your impoverished life, 


Cease to baselessly kill; but don't cease to wholeheartedly embrace every blessedly human on this planet; irrespective of caste; creed; or spuriously meaningless community, 


Cease to dig ghastly graves; but don't cease to harness the most grandiloquent castles of amicable  sharing with the Herculean fervor in your soul; impregnably ensure that no innocuously celestial organism on this planet; slept without a roof over his head, 

Cease to parasitically corrupt; but don't cease to ubiquitously disseminate the Omniscient message of scintillating honesty; to   even the most diminutively minuscule corner; of this boundlessly congenial Universe, 


Cease to hideously adulterate; but don't cease to unsurpassably sparkle in the rays of eternal romance; propagating the light of invincible sharing to every township; flooded with malevolently terrorizing bloodshed, 


Cease to devilishly manipulate; but don't cease to incessantly donate the fruits of silken Mother Nature; arousing souls dead in mundane commercialism; with thunderbolts 

of passionately towering desire, 


Cease to diabolically pulverize; but don't cease to gloriously bond; ebulliently bringing all tribes and colors existing squeamishly under the sky; to symbiotically melange into the fabric of ever pervading; humanity, 


Cease to horrendously snatch breath; but don't cease to proliferate God's chapter of exotically timeless existence; spawning a new chapter of scintillating existence; with every new puff of air that you ardently inhaled, 


And cease to uncouthly betray; but don't cease to amalgamate heart's broken all across the fabulously radiating Universe; in threads of immortal belonging; in the rainbows 

of mystically immortal love.

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Don`t Cease