Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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One day you will ebulliently bounce on the pinnacle of blossoming prosperity; with the ingratiatingly fantastic melody of the atmosphere; blending handsomely with every ingredient of your crimson blood, 


One day you will catapult to the absolute epitome of scintillating stardom; with even the most infinitesimal of your wish; immortalizing with the heavens divine, 


One day you will irrefutably achieve all what you were harmoniously striving for; celestially diffusing the spirit of compassionate brotherhood; in every nook and

cranny of the gigantic Universe; alike, 


One day you will forget all your lambasting miseries and tantalizingly smile; exploring an enthralling township of beauty; on every step that you transgressed, 


One day you will find all vibrantly tingling goodness of this planet bountifully blessed in your outstretched lap; with the whispers of ravishing enchantment; immaculately enlightening your every night, 


One day you will unequivocally march only on the path of priceless truth; wholesomely abdicating forever and ever and ever; the web of tyrannically disparaging lies, 


One day you will triumphantly emerge from the graveyards of despairing gloom; perpetually inundate even the most inconspicuous speck on this earth; with unfathomably benign happiness, 


One day you will transform the gory complexion of this planet; bring back a resplendent smile on the lips of the all those uncouthly divested; by the grace of

Almighty God, 


One day you will stupendously fantasize only about unshakable solidarity; holistically embark upon an unflinching mission to impregnably unite all caste; creed; tribe and color; in the threads of unassailable humanity, 


One day you will find the most beautifully affable mate of your life; who altruistically stood by your impoverished side; even as diabolical hell indefatigably rained from the sky outside, 


One day you will fulminate into a cloud of torrential jubilation; wonderfully titillate every iota of this despicably famished earth; with the majestic sweetness of your creation, 


One day you will insatiably dance in the aisles of unprecedented desire; gyrate to the tunes of unending harmony; even as the most stringently sweltering rays of the Sun; ferociously charred everything to spurious dust, 


One day you will inhale the most sensuously rejuvenating scents of the atmosphere; replenish every aspect of your penuriously dwindling existence; with the fathomless freedom of the; boundlessly bestowing cosmos, 


One day you will tranquilly bond with your heavenly soul; discover even the most diminutive fragment of your sparkling conscience; to propagate the ubiquitous essence of simplicity, 


One day you will get more than what you could have ever perceived in the most wildest of your dreams; as you selflessly diffused the same; to all those brutally strangulated in the dormitories of unbelievably merciless agony, 


One day you will embrace the winds of timeless romance; bask in the glory of earth's most wonderfully symbiotic relationship; for infinite more births yet to unleash, 


One day you will breathe an air so impeccably sacrosanct and without even the tiniest trace of adulterated manipulation; that your conscience will inevitably coalesce with the Omnisciently divine, 


One day you will love so immortally with the partner of your choice; that even the most belligerently satanic of devils; would become entirely oblivious to the 

word called ghastly crime, 


And that day was invincibly sure to come in yours and every benevolent entity's life; so keep optimistically conceiving and working towards that day; don't lose 

hope; don't yet die.

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Don`t Yet Die