Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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Lifeless chunks of grey metal adroitly sculptured to form a delectably curved hook at the absolute end; that imperiously dominated the fabric of emptiness, 


altruistically hosting the cumbersome weight of clothes of myriad shapes; proportions; textures; and exhilarating embroidery - with mesmerizing aplomb and without the tiniest of respite, 


a lucky mascot for some humans as they meticulously carried it on plethora of their overseas trips and fantabulous expeditions; neatly tucked in their snobbishly corporate travel cases - where it majestically crafted the outlines of their designer suits and somber trouser, 


a harmlessly joyous toy for children of different caste; creed; color and tribe - as they exuberantly hoisted and galloped with it  - feeling compassionate and safe with it tightly clenched in their dexterously nimble palms, 


nestled silent and demure in some dilapidated corner of the cupboard; wholesomely neglected  - and then all of a sudden escalating as the most cherished celebrity - when the owner was in a hurricane of a rush to beautifully stack his clothes away and retire for the day, 


enabling that wondrously replenishing contentment to a lavish wardrobe; which would be terribly incomplete without it; as it had its own inimitable silhouette amidst a motley array of cloth; drawers; shelves; handles; paper; paint and mosquito, 


serving as the most precocious substitute for a missing stick when its master most needed it - to tackle the notorious thieves that had barged in impromptu into the silken interiors of the house; brutally distorting and shattering the safety grill, 


the unparalleled darling of shopping malls of incredulous varieties and proportions - where it rather pompously protruded in its full and unabashed glory from the rustic wall of the trial changing room, 


gregarious in disposition as it virtually and veritably adapted garment of any texture with all their fancifully embodied accessories - wonderfully acclimatizing to the weather prevailing upon any continent of planet earth, 


not exactly an artists or poet's marvel to gorgeously fantasize about and tantalizingly crave for - but yet a quintessential item of utility for goodness - fabulously pampering a human's most intricately exquisite clothes, 


an astounding exemplification of unfettered camaraderie between humans of different religions and richness - as it never discriminated even an insouciant trifle whilst accomodating the mesmerizing robes of the princes and queens - or the disdainfully fetid rags of the beggar on the street; in miserably threadbare shambles and deplorably tattered, 


magnificently substituting as the most handsomely delectable pulley to extricate new born babies; who had accidentally tumbled into the bottom of the listless pit originally meant to store salubrious food grain for the impoverished family, 


an unbelievably stupendous geometrical combination of a rectangle and a triangle juxtaposed harmoniously together - the ramification of which; led to an object of amazingly ravishing utility and convivial charisma, 


a beautifully philanthropic marvel who selflessly served persons of various ages and professions without expecting any kudos - at occasions even lambasted for nothing - as man wretchedly vented his frustration upon its fearless demeanor, 


triumphantly majestic and romantically contemporary - as it  inhabited the most pristine environs of the garlanded castle - and was also ironically the most orphaned chunk of steel on the solitary rods of the versatile marketplace, 


a daintily privileged accompaniment that arrived alongwith the marvelously voluptuous dresses that true lovers gave each other; and then skillfully assisted them to assemble their variety of aristocratic paraphernalia, 


stunningly used to stir spectacular assortments of various foods in the bohemian pan; resulting in rhapsodic victory of scrumptiously enriching meal prepared and unadulterated fun, 


used by people to strengthen their arms; as they stretched its differently sculptured top and bottom ends in as far opposite directions as feasible in their mortal capacity; and then felt their muscles fantastically reinvigorated, 


was the earnest hanger.

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Earnest Hanger