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Title: Christmas Windows
During the reason for the season, my father would get giddy you know, it was his time to show how much he loved the holidays especially when it snowed.
He would crawl in the attic, handing box after box you see, for each box had pieces for the Christmas tree.
He would go to the basement as quick as he could, for the house lights had to be tested before he hung them up good.
Light after light, he checked them well, making sure the colors were grand as well.
After he completed the task at hand, he would smile at me and say; let's put up the ladder and begin.
Nail after nail, light after light, he decorated the eves to his delight.  Singing Christmas carols as he pleased.
Finally everything was hung, and he was pleased.  He would yell down at me and say, turn them on son and make this a great day.  As I turned the switch on,
mother’s eyes were smiling with that surprise.
As I walked out to see, my eyes lite up like a Christmas tree.
My father then would say, time to decorate the windows today.

Once we were done, my father would say, get your rest son, for tomorrow will be a big day.
We will get our tree from the farm he said.
As I laid down my little head, upon my pillow as he said.
Watching the window Christmas lights, dance in my head. 

As Christmas music sang in my head, I fell asleep in my wonderful bed.
Early the next day, my mother would say time to get up and start your day.
For your father is getting ready for today, hurry up now as quick as you can, so the two of you can eat breakfast with me before you begin.

With a smile on my face, it was nice to see; a great big smile on my mothers face.
I hurried as quick as I could, for I did not want to keep mother waiting any longer than she should.
As I sat down at the table, as my father walked in, he said this is a great day to begin.
Once the tree has been put in place, we will all go to his favorite place.
We will all see all the store windows in his favorite place.
Downtown deep in the city were all the stores lay.

Mother prepared a meal for a king, for in her eyes this was a glorious thing. 
Father and I headed out the door, walking our land with pride and much more.
Searching hill after hill until we found the tree that would fit the bill.
We carefully sawed it down, then we carried it above the ground, step after step until we reached the house.
Once inside, you could see my mother’s pride, as she smiled with her big eyes, we put the tree stand on in style.
Father would sing her favorite carol; It came upon a midnight clear, for mother would listen to his cheer; as she hummed the carol in her own melody for his ears.
Once the tree was in place, my father would say his grace, then looking upon us with his pride; he said everyone get ready were going for a ride.
Off we went to the city that day, to have fun and to really play.
Ice skating most of our glorious day, this was truly a day to dance.
A melody my mother would sing, as she held fathers hand blissfully.

Several hours later as night would fall, the city lights began to crawl, street after street you could see;
all the decorations in the windows and tress, oh how the lights would glitter for me.

As we walked down the street, block after block we could see, all the store
windows decorated with love and joy, with all sorts of Christmas toys.
Mechanical Santa's would play, while miniature elves would load the sleigh.
Some windows have reindeer's and snow covered towns.
While other's have; trains that rode through a town; bears ice skating on ponds as they sing.
Along with carolers singing their songs.

North pole city lit up like a tree, while little reindeer's pulling a sleigh while all the elves were at play.
Window after window we did see, all of the decorations that could have been seen.
As we walked side by side, drinking hot chocolate with whipped cream.  We ate roasted peanuts for this was our thing.
Mother was happy to see, this was like a movie on the big screen.
Once we were done, it was time to go.  Off we went, to go to our home; having more fun as we sang our songs. 
Everyone was full of holiday cheer, while we decorated our Christmas tree.
For the precious moment of all, was when father picked up mother, and the angle 
was hung, on top of the tree with all of her love.

Paul Randall Fox (Highway)

Paul Randall Fox © 2016

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