Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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There is nothing such as small crime or big crime; for every crime that is ghastily committed; is equally pernicious and a cadaverous graveyard of insane deliriousness, 


There is  nothing such as small stink or big stink; for every stink that tyrannically emanates; is equally flagrant and a corpse of grotesquely asphyxiating remorsefulness, 


There is nothing such as small manipulation and big manipulation; for every manipulation that insidiously flourishes; is equally sinister and a crumbling edifice 

of vapidly ostracizing fecklessness, 


There is nothing such as small devil and big devil; for every devil that cold-bloodedly marauds; is equally satanic and a ghoulishly sadistic carcass of relentlessly 

victimizing decay, 


There is nothing such as small insanity and big insanity; for every insanity that preposterously lambastes; is equally dastardly and an outright crucification of the laws of symbiotically propitious existence, 


There is nothing such as small prejudice and big prejudice; for every prejudice that maliciously lingers; is equally derogatory and a venomously strangulating battlefield; eventually withering into infinitesimal wisps of livid hell, 


There is nothing such as small corruption or big corruption; for every corruption that opprobriously mutilates; is equally cannibalistic and an unstoppably vicious maelstrom of criminally salacious injustice, 


There is nothing such as small abuse or big abuse; for every abuse that sinfully curses without any reason or rhyme; is equally decrepit and a gutter of brutally unsolicited trash; that morosely infiltrates impeccable lives, 


There is nothing such as small stagnation or big stagnation; for every stagnation that amorphously devastates; is equally traumatic and an inconspicuously unforgiving dungeon of rapacious parasites, 


There is nothing such as small infidelity or big infidelity; for every infidelity that ruthlessly betrays; is equally disastrous and an uncontrollably evaporating desert of cancerous sadness, 


There is nothing such as small obstacle or big obstacle; for every obstacle that unsavorily stops; is equally bellicose and a frigidly skittish mist which wholesomely dissolves with the voice of eternal righteousness, 


There is nothing such as small unGodliness or big unGodliness; for every unGodliness that indiscriminately bombards; is equally penurious and a raunchily threadbare rag that rots in the confines of unforgiving imprisonment, 


There is nothing such as small delinquency or big delinquency; for every delinquency that fatally victimizes; is equally punishable and a helplessly squirming maimed insect for the fabric of resplendent mankind, 


There is nothing such as small ghost or big ghost; for every ghost that vengefully jinxes; is equally morbid and a meaninglessly wastrel thorn for all echelon of

blissful society, 


There is nothing such as small lie or big lie; for every lie that savagely extinguishes; is equally lame and a murderous bedlam of lugubrious non-existence, 


There is nothing such as small politics or big politics; for every politics that atrociously disintegrates; is equally disdainful and a perilously numbing blackness of mercilessness which never ends, 


There is nothing such as small monotony or big monotony; for every monotony that despicably jails; is equally obnoxious and an unimaginable poison that annihilates every iota of freshness in the; ingratiatingly celestial atmosphere, 


There is nothing such as small heartlessness or big heartlessness; for every heartlessness that fiendishly decimates; is equally demonic and a stream of stray

blood without the tiniest of rudiments or integrity, 


And there is nothing such as small death or big death; for every death that barbarously snatches; is equally intolerable and a final adieu to the chapters of Omnipotently sacrosanct life and unconquerably priceless humanity.

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Equally Intolerable