Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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Every day is a new day; bringing along with it overwhelming loads of happiness; and an unparalleled rhapsody to blissfully lead life, 


Every day is a new day; unfurling into a rainbow of spell binding optimism; healing even the most inexplicably ghastly wounds of yesterday; with the flaming rays of the dazzlingly Omnipotent Sun, 


Every day is a new day; vivaciously bouncing in the profoundly untamed spirit of existence; wholesomely shrugging your remorseful past into mists of obsolete



Every day is a new day; blooming with the fragrance of unconquerable humanity; incessantly transpiring you to philanthropically surge forward; to resplendently

fulfil your humanitarian mission in life, 


Every day is a new day; entirely disengaging your mind from the negative energies of the past; as the euphoric horizons of mesmerizing dawn; immaculately greeted the whites of your pristine eyes, 


Every day is a new day; triumphantly maneuvering you towards the path of irrefutable righteousness; impregnating a jubilant sparkle in your stride; as the flowers blossomed ebulliently on the frolicking hills, 


Every day is a new day; rendering you yet another chance to  benevolently win over the gigantically insurmountable planet; with the waves of unprecedented love in 

your heart, 


Every day is a new day; enlightening the lantern of miraculous freshness in every pathetically beleaguered bone of your body; unassailably ensuring that you handsomely confronted even the most devilishly insidious situation in the chapter of life, 


Every day is a new day; profusely charming even the most dolorously deadened of your senses with the melodious chirp of the boisterous sparrow; filtering a path of unfathomable exuberance; on every step that you holistically tread, 


Every day is a new day; beautifully alluring every frigidly hopeless pore on your skin; with compassionate beams of ardent belonging and princely togetherness, 


Every day is a new day; fervently impressing upon you that life was patriotically endless; with each moment unveiling; sagaciously apprising you of its unsurpassably Omnipresent aura, 

Every day is a new day; deluging your drearily staggering countenance with the unbelievably ecstatic melody in the atmosphere; celestially uplifting you from the dungeons of disparagingly ominous despair, 


Every day is a new day; magnificently greeting you with an incomprehensible ocean of hope and emphatic excitement; making you bask in the essence of a harmoniously symbiotic existence, 


Every day is a new day; magnanimously commiserating with all your traumatized anguish; perpetually  ensuring that the rays of the divine; majestically caressed each quarter of your tumultuously bereaved soul, 


Every day is a new day; stupendously enthralling you with its enamoring entrenchment of tireless proliferation; spawning a gorge of unrelenting enthusiasm on every puff of air that you embraced, 


Every day is a new day; weaving its magically reinvigorating spell upon each ingredient of your blood disdainfully frozen under avalanches of bizarre commercialism; perpetuating you with supremely Omniscient power to; synergistically survive, 


Every day is a new day; with the astounding network of colors in the cosmos not only soothing your extinguishing existence; but triggering you to mystically unravel into the spirit of vivid glory, 


Every day is a new day; indefatigably breathing upon you the most grandiloquent elixir of life; flooding your nostrils with the scent of ravishing roses sprouting full throttle; in the fathomless valley, 


Every day is a new day; guiding you on the path of impeccably scintillating truth; wholesomely snapping even the most diminutive fang of derogatory prejudice; 

from the realms of your innocuous conscience, 


And every day is a new day; replenishing each beat of your traumatically anguished heart with enchanting love; immortally metamorphosing every wind of defeat

that stared you hopelessly in your eyes; into the Sun of Omnipotent fearlessness.

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Every Day Is A New Day