Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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I remembered exotically scrumptious food; only when unceremoniously thunderous pangs of hunger reverberated louder than the apocalypses of hell; in my disdainfully impoverished stomach, 


I remembered stupendously reinvigorating bath; only when the squalidly distorted pores of my diminutive body; started to exude treacherously horrendous and

grotesquely vituperative dirt, 


I remembered perennially golden droplets of rain; only when I felt every miserably beleaguered bone of my body; rotting in the dungeons of sadistically lambasting monotony, 


I remembered Omnipotently mellifluous voice; only when my ears felt brutally desolate; entrapped in a mortuary of estranged politics and salaciously pulverizing prejudice, 


I remembered unsurpassably titillating seductresses; only when each bizarrely emaciated pore of my skin; intransigently cried to be timelessly caressed; to be

mollified to the most unprecedented limits; in the silken camouflage of the surreptitiously moonlit night, 


I remembered compassionately rhapsodic sheepskin and wool; only when mercilessly whipping snow pelting all around me; made me uncontrollably shiver till the very

invisibly last bone of my spine, 


I remembered aristocratic mugs foaming with uninhibitedly euphoric beer and wine; only when I'd returned home blazingly triumphant; and in the midst of an everlasting fiesta with my kin and friends, 


I remembered vivaciously enthralling kites and gaudy strings; only when the breeze eternally blew in ebulliently gusty currents; and every gruesomely bereaved nerve in my palms rapaciously rared to soar in handsomely pristine sky, 


I remembered celestially fragrant sleep; only when the pressure on my drearily fatigued lids; seemed to be more crippling than the maelstroms of disgustingly

penalizing hell, 


I remembered convivially never-ending boisterousness; only when ribald corpses of forlorn nothingness; invidiously asphyxiated me beyond the threshold of

horrifically unbearable pain, 



I remembered ingratiatingly mesmerizing pearls and the best of exquisite jewelry; only when I surrendered myself like a relentlessly yearning bride; on my very first wedding night, 


I remembered the most morbidly appalling of invectives; only when someone stared lasciviously at the grace of my divinely invincible mother, 


I remembered the most gloriously fructifying moments of my truncated existence; only when I was about to abdicate the very last breath of my life; was about to

inevitably die, 


I remembered to endlessly scratch; only when the inconspicuously pernicious battalion of mosquitoes; clandestinely attacked me on my robustly supple flesh, 


I remembered to unrelentingly cry; only when my near and dear kin and mates suffered the wrath of this acrimonious planet; whenever pricelessly everlasting

humanity was manipulated like a worthless currency coin, 


I remembered to voluptuously whisper; only when the cisterns of sensuousness played hide and seek with my uncontrollably throbbing soul; in the merrily

twinkling curtainspread of the emolliently jubilant midnight, 


I remembered to unflinchingly walk; only when the coffins of unemployment and gory meaninglessness; had commenced to indiscriminately squelch my bones after

sucking the last iota of blood from my intricate veins, 


I remembered to victoriously breathe; only when the disastrously shrunken jacket of my lungs; was just about to plunge into the gorge of abysmally decrepit extinction, 


I remembered to patriotically brandish and blaze; only when the venomously hedonistic enemy camp; ruthlessly molested the Omnipresently sacred soil of my revered motherland, 


But I remembered you every time I took breath; I remembered you with even the most non-existent beat of my heart; I remembered you at every step that I

alighted and slept; I remembered you every time my eyes unavoidably flashed themselves; I remembered you every unfurling instant of my life and an infinite

births even after reaching the mists of heaven; O! Perpetual Beloved.

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Every Time I Took Breath