Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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Volumes of slippery sand escaped from my fist, 

parched silver mud devoured me in entirety, 

flaming Sunlight stripped reserve quota of energy, 

entangled thorny weeds scraped delicate layers of soft skin, 

whirlpools of dust blew with turbulent velocity, 

strong rooms of blue sky were bereft of moisture laden cloud, 

trapped molecules of mercury rose high in compact case of thermometer, 

green cover of grass and tree was a rare treat to witness, 

large reptiles burrowed themselves in moist recesses of earth, 

evil eyed vultures glided across boiling currents of wind, 

grandfather tortoise traversed at painstaking speeds, 

pot bellied spiders ran in gay abundance, 

distant mirage's lured me to add velocity to stride, 

undulating terrains of hot sand grain whipped me, 

burning heat waves prompted me to melt in submission.


the situation was getting out of control, 

secret reserves of stored water were drained with the passing second, 

scalp hair were camouflaged with gallons of sand, 

my slimy tongue had consumed remnant saliva, 

twin pair of feet blatantly refused to hold my weight, 

a river of sweat flowed down my armpit, 

there was not a soul to be sighted within a million kilometers of vicinity, 

when suddenly it seemed my feet struck a light green cactus, 

infinite droplets of water oozed out, 

charred chords of my throat erupted in wet ecstasy, 

guttural sounds emanated as i sipped cool water, 

as i deftly chiseled elastic branches of the desert cactus, 

with razor sharp edges of my portable knife.

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Fortune Strikes In The Desert