Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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I pedal my bicycle furiously, 

at unearthly hour of midnight, 

ripping past juicy breeze of the summer month, 

with increasing pressure on coiled springs, 

compressed in plastic interiors of cycle seat.



frenzied movement of muscular leg, 

thorough dismantle of combed hair, 

watery mucus flowing through square nose, 

body sac filled with pouches of exhilaration, 

deactivating tense network of frayed nerve cell, 

releasing trapped energies of my mind, 

sweat drops of hate oozing out, 

venom webs of complication snapping apart, 

stale air gushing from wide open mouth, 

cleansing dirt from contaminated platelets of blood, 

i gradually arrive by the silent river side, 

park my sleek bike on angular stand, 

securing it with locked chain metal, 

descend down the steps of the river, 

splash my feet depleted of footwear, 

with body blows of wind across my chest, 

in the luke warm waters of the holy ganges.

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