Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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Give her each droplet of blood flowing rampantly through my body; rejuvenating her persona with indispensable energy, 


Giver her each smile that encapsulated my lips; deluging her majestically mesmerizing countenance with astronomical happiness, 


Giver her each dream that circulated fabulously in the corridors of my brain; catapulting her into a land of ecstasy and unfathomable paradise, 


Give her each ray of hope that engulfed my existence; stupendously enlightening her string of infinite more unveiling tomorrows, 


Give her each droplet of poignant empathy that lingered insatiably in my eyes; impregnating in her the essence of benevolent mankind, 


Give her each muscle embedded indomitably in my arms; imparting her with the tenacity to resiliently encounter the most disastrous situation in life, 


Give her each ounce of mysticism that enveloped my shadow; overwhelming her life with enigmatic spice and divinely happiness, 


Give her each wave of my voice; bestowing upon her the power to indefatigably express herself; at all moments of the adventurously unveiling day, 


Give her each iota of luck that encompassed my silhouette; manifesting her every unfinished dream into a perpetual reality, 


Give her each trace of vivaciousness that entrenched my conglomerate of bones; propelling her to ecstatically bounce forward with exuberant enthusiasm in life, 


Give her each globule of tumultuous rhapsody that permeated my skin; making her experience the myriad of vibrant colors in existence, 


Give her each sigh of immortal satisfaction that circumvented my conscience; fomenting her to perceive that her flurry of tasks were accomplished with

supreme gratification, 


Give her each bit of cloth that intricately sequestered my entire visage; embodying her impeccable demeanor with loads of compassionate warmth, 


Give her each source of wealth that I had assimilated in the tenure of my life; facilitating her to purchase the most exotic things of her very own choice, 

Give her each morsel of food that was destined to be masticated by my mouth; granting celestial peace to the famished realms of her thunderously resonating



Give her each whistle that emanated from my lips; blessing her existence with unsurpassable euphoria on every step which she ebulliently alighted, 


Give her each fantasy that I kept envisaging about even in the heart of the brilliantly blistering day; keeping her spirits escalating towards the sky; till times immemorial, 


Give her each beat that passionately palpitated every unfurling instant in my heart; imparting her with the unrelenting ardor to relish life to its most incomprehensible capacity, 


Give her each breath that diffused in magnificent unison from my nostrils; engendering her to lead even my quota of destined life, 


For although I possessed all the sagacious qualities described above O! Lord; I was still of no use to this colossal world and society; being viciously strangulated every instant by the horrendous lechery of my mind; while angels like her needed forever to

exist; needed forever to be alive.

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Give Her My Life