Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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When I drank water in a glass of composite mud; the liquid tasted 

ravishing; with my reflection wavering erratically in it, 

However it contained tinges of dissolved sand; and was a trifle salty

for my liking.


When I drank water in a glass of deplorable copper; the liquid appeared

blurred in the prevailing darkness, 

And when I sipped it; it had a stale odor of the rusty surface it had adhered to for many hours.


When I drank water in a glass of pure bamboo; the liquid looked glistening and

mesmerizing under the sun, 

Although even after consuming it completely; I still felt that my bowels were

yet famished and incorrigibly demanded more.


When I drank water in a glass of yellow molded gold; the liquid inside displayed a scintillating shine; dazzling brilliantly in the most sequestered of room, 

However it miserably floundered to pacify my thirst; as I was heavily circumspect in devouring the costly water.


When I drank water in a glass of hardened plastic; the liquid seemed to be

overwhelming still without the slightest of ripple, 

But the tangy flavor was blatantly absent; and I didn't relish one sip of what

I had just swallowed.


When I drank water in a glass of bombastic diamonds; the liquid looked as if

shimmering profusely under the moon, 

Although an uncanny feeling enveloped my stomach; a feeling as if I had

Eaten the glittering diamonds.


When I drank water in a glass of pencil lead; the liquid inside looked obnoxiously black; readily acquiring the color of its vessel, 

And I felt like puking it out with ferocious intensity; after having dubiously

gulped it.


When I drank water in a glass of broad green leaf; the liquid inside resembled

the perennial pastures sprawling over the valley, 

But alongwith it there entered a fleet of invisible insects in my throat; and

I shivered inadvertently envisaging the aftermath of disease.


When I drank water in a glass of heavy stone; the liquid pretty normal to


However lifting the glass proved to be a bit cumbersome; and I felt a

bit perturbed by the flimsy effort.


And eventually when I drank water in the 'GLASS OF OUR LOVE'; blending

it with a concoction of her heavenly tears, 

The water tasted as sweet as never before; as impeccable as sacrosanct god; as exotic as the gyrating fairies in the sky; and it instantly put me into an inevitable slumber.

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Glass Of Love