Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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God loves all those fearlessly impeccable eyes; which teach countless other haplessly despairing eyes; the virtues of pricelessly synergistic humanity, 


God loves all those perennially smiling lips;  which teach countless other despairingly desolate lips; to uninhibitedly diffuse into an unsurpassable of perennial happiness, 


God loves all those philanthropically bestowing palms; which teach countless other gruesomely maligned palms; the art of unflinchingly peerless camaraderie, 


God loves all those poignantly unbiased streams of blood; which teach countless other indiscriminately massacring streams of blood; to timelessly bond in the

religion of invincibly emollient humanity, 


God loves all those bounteously eclectic fingers; which teach countless other cold-bloodedly butchering fingers; to patriotically parade as an unassailable fireball 

of compassionate united strength, 


God loves all those enchantingly enthralling shadows; which teach countless other murderously ambiguous shadows; to eternally waft the fabric of celestially blessing contentment, 


God loves all those selflessly sacrificing bones; which teach countless other cursedly rotting bones; to inexhaustibly march forward with untamed fervor for their brutally estranged motherland, 


God loves all those spell bindingly evolving brains; which teach countless other deliriously frozen brains; to culminate into unsurpassable whirlpools of blissful

fantasy and insatiable ingenuity, 


God loves all those simplistically endowing feet; which teach countless other squalidly pulverizing feet; to holistically blend and walk with the winds of

insuperably glorious righteousness; till the very end of their lives, 


God loves all those magnanimously mitigating shoulders; which teach countless other turgidly blasting shoulders; to indefatigably uplift every fraternity of pessimistically decimated and helplessly maimed living kind, 


God loves all those innocuously fluttering ears; which teach countless other devilishly hearing ears; to drift solely towards the tunes of triumphantly emollient goodness, 


God loves all those resplendently sensitive skins; which teach countless other parasitically blood-coated skins; to be insuperably tantalized by the unbelievably panoramic treasures of infinite mother nature, 


God loves all those Omnipotently preaching tongues; which teach countless other ignominiously slandering tongues; to sing the hymns of perennially everlasting

equality and ubiquitous brotherhood, 


God loves all those harmoniously contented stomachs; which teach countless other rapaciously macabre stomachs; to incredulously relish the fruits of divinely nature without uncouthly spilling blood; in every leaf and house, 


God loves all those mischievously frolicking chins; which teach countless other despondently beleaguered chins; to timelessly cavort in the aisles of inimitably glorious innocence and with the full fervor of mystical life, 


God loves all those benevolently ebullient silhouettes; which teach countless other treacherously murdering silhouettes; to irrefutably follow the principles of pricelessly perpetual humanity, 


God loves all those vividly burgeoning eyelashes; which teach countless other amorphously morbid eyelashes; to iridescently twinkle into the unparalleled effulgence of uninhibitedly liberated existence, 


God loves all those eternally fructifying nostrils; which teach countless other ferociously cannibalistic of nostrils; the quintessentially sacrosanct mantra of

live and let live, 


And God loves all those passionately thundering hearts; which teach countless other fretfully extinguishing hearts; to immortally bond in the fragrance of unflinching friendship; to immortally love; love and only love.

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God Loves All Those Heart`s