Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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When I riveted a grill of pure gold across my window; the burglars stared

unrelentingly; thinking I was overwhelmingly rich, 

They whispered in inaudible tones about the wealth; they envisaged was stored


Delicately chiseled the grill with their axe; and dexterously pilfered all they could lay their hands on. 


When I put a grill of silver bars across my window; the mouths of the burglars

slavered at witnessing the gleam, 

They abandoned their other plans of robbery; intensely concentrating on my house, 

Imagining the wonderful goods inside; and indiscriminately barged in snapping

the grill.  


When I embedded a grill of immaculate ivory across my window; the burglars had

a hard time stifling their startled gasps, 

They admired the rustic charm I had incorporated in an innocuous window; contemplating my real wealth, 

Atrociously smashed the same with their bludgeons; to savor the taste of my hidden resources. 


When I stuck a grill of scintillating and pellucid mirror across my window; the burglars were busy gazing at their reflections, 

Thoroughly mesmerized by the transparent grill; the richness that lay blended in the sparkling glass, 

Smashed the same into splinters using hard stone; gaining easy access into 

my chamber of dreams. 


When I used a grill of fragrant rosewood across my window; the burglars got

insatiably tickled by the aroma, 

They didn't feel like budging an inch; drowned in the celestial aroma, 

Later broke the same using slender sticks of explosives; intruded upon the

privacy of my nocturnal bedroom. 



When I fixed a grill of barbed wire charged with electric current across my

window; the burglars were simply intrigued by the contrivance, 

They perceived me to me astoundingly clever; pondered profoundly on

annihilating my automatic device, 

Did the same with clinical precision; abhorrently transgressing through my 

solitary dwelling. 



It then when I decided to have no grill at all; kept the colossal space of window absolutely bare to peep, 

The burglars passing didn't even notice; dismissing all thoughts of me

possessing the slightest of affluence; ridiculing my threadbare disposition, 

They had other houses to sabotage on their list; it was the first time they spared me from possible harm, 

And I snored blissfully all night; laughing in my dreams and saying; to stay

without a grill is far better than having one.

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