Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

144,810 poems read

Happiness is in sighting the stars that twinkle exuberantly in the sky; profoundly illuminating the treachery of the murderously satanic night, 


Happiness is in gallivanting freely through the meandering hills; letting the breeze from the scarlet horizons; tickle you profusely till the ultimate spine down your nape, 


Happiness is in benevolently donating; witnessing an invincible smile light up; on impoverished faces submerged in a cloud of derogatory sadness, 


Happiness is in bouncing ebulliently on the lap of your sacrosanct mother; completely surrendering your immaculate identity in her magnanimously divine swirl, 


Happiness is in inundating barren mountains of canvas with resplendent color; assimilating the mesmerizing beauty of the planet; in astoundingly vivacious shapes

and forms, 


Happiness is in inhaling the fragrance of soil and ravishing rose; being enthralled till times beyond eternity; as you rolled full throttle on the seductive carpets of lush green grass, 


Happiness is in whistling melodiously across the gorgeously fathomless gorge; let the mystical volley of exotic echoes encompass your boisterous visage from all ends, 


Happiness is in floating uninhibitedly in the placid lakes; let the animated festoon of incredible dolphins; leap ecstatically by your side, 


Happiness is in dancing vibrantly with the impeccable fairies; profoundly relish the marvelously pearly rays of shimmering moon; on each cranny of your drearily

devastated skin, 


Happiness is in fighting unrelentingly for the ultimate essence of truth; disseminating its Godly virtue to the most farthest and remotest corner of this gigantic earth, 


Happiness is in discovering an insurmountable battalion of newness every unfurling second of the day; bemusing the gloomy cells of your mind with unprecedented intrigue, 


Happiness is in harboring all whom you encountered in their times of despairing distress; embracing them equally with the candle of humanity; flaming profusely in your soul, 


Happiness is in harnessing the fruits of nature to the most optimum limits; watching them perpetually blossom as you traversed through the corridors of tantalizing paradise, 


Happiness is in evolving new trends with your own blood; coining a sea of benign philosophies; which benefit the most infinitesimal of living kind, 


Happiness is in dedicating your life to the service of the deprived; persevering as the most richest man on this Universe; while your fellow comrades existed under the stupendously magnificent glory of royal Sunshine, 


Happiness is in commencing each day as a fresh chapter of life; intrepidly transcending over the miseries of the dolorous past; filtering blissful pouches of space

to survive, 


Happiness is in breathing for your cherished mission till times immemorial; following the innermost voices of your passionately throbbing heart; even as the uncouth world outside lambasted you insidiously from all sides, 


Happiness is in leading life higher than the clouds; affording the same the same to your tangible friends; till the moment Almighty Lord wanted you to wander and survive, 


Happiness is in considering yourself to be just a whisker of God's infinite Creation; and yet feeling the most endowed molecule alive, 


Happiness is in caring; Happiness is in sharing; Happiness is in unity; Happiness is in beauty; Happiness is in immortal love; most importantly true Happiness is in 

the chapter called LIFE.

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