Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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If I was a minuscule brick looking as inconspicuous as a mosquito; sandwiched between several of my kind, 

He was the entire building; towering domineeringly over the crowded and bustling street. 


If I were a diminutive stalk of grass sprouting from the soil; buckling down with paramount ease under feeble draughts of wind, 

He was the entire space of fecund land; sprawling over thousands of kilometers. 


If I were a obscure wave rising in the sea; falling intermittently with the positioning of the enchanting moon, 

He was the entire ocean; which was incongruously colossal in size; incorporating a fleet of animate organisms in its belly. 


If I were a small mound of clay lying dilapidated beside the hill; with irregular strands of thread camouflaging my persona, 

He was the gigantic mountain; with profoundly accentuated summits; standing formidably against the most tenacious of storm. 


If I were an ephemeral ray of light falling on the earth; miserably unable to make the slightest of indentation in illuminating the atmosphere, 

He was the magnanimous sun brilliantly scintillating in the sky; radiating his omnipotent essence far and wide. 


If I were a disdainful cockroach loitering indolently around the lavatory seat; with sporadic incidences of devouring small ants, 

He was the entire jungle; impregnated with ferocious beasts; breeding the primordial dinosaur thundering his way through the mangled green. 


If I were a crisp note of currency; incessantly relishing my prospects of spending exorbitantly, 

He was the entire money which floated in this world; the conglomerate of opulent banks overflowing with cash.


If I were a contemporary computer; having a battalion of intricate chips in my brain, 

He was the stupendous power; governing my mind as well as adroitly maneuvering the world. 


If I were an mystical astrologer; scientifically predicting the fortune of some of my clients, 

He was the one who sculptured the life of millions existing; impeccably wrote my destiny; without a trace of blemish. 


If I were a globule of water lying solitary on the forlorn street; being ruthlessly kicked by passing pedestrians, 

He was the entire expanse of vast sky; which pelted thunderously blissful droplets of rain. 


He was the one who had procreated the first human; from which later were spawned millions inhabiting this globe; the very reason that I was here breathing fresh air in my lungs today, 

And Let me tell you I was just an ordinary man residing amongst infinite numbers like myself; while he was the omniscient Creator.

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He Was The Creator