Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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It was my incessant inspiration; to diffuse into an unfathomable valley of goodness; perpetually coalesce with my bountiful rudiments; irrespective of the contemporarily bombastic slang and slime, 


It was my tireless inspiration; to float in the aisles of untamed sensuousness; assimilate all fathomless beauty of this resplendent Universe; in every ingredient of my agonizingly famished blood, 


It was my unrelenting inspiration; to embrace the winds of timeless fantasy; let the spirit of euphorically rhapsodic existence; take wholesome control upon my countenance from all sides, 


It was my limitless inspiration; to blazingly surge forward in the chapter of vibrantly enthralling life; gloriously emerge as a triumphant winner in every direction that I even remotely conceived to tread, 


It was my boundless inspiration; to poignantly break the heinous shackles of crippling monotony; uninhibitedly liberate each of my senses to blend with the unparalleled ecstasy of this Omnipotent cosmos, 


It was my unprecedented inspiration; to unfurl into an insatiable civilization of creativity every unfurling instant of the day; fabulously decipher the enigmatic

meanings of survival; with the silken dexterity of an embellished prince, 


It was my indefatigable inspiration; to coin new benchmarks on even the most diminutive step that I transgressed; digressing from conventionally treacherous turgidity; to sparklingly enhance the fireballs of optimism in every tomorrow, 


It was my profuse inspiration; to unstoppably reminisce the caverns of mischief of my innocuous childhood; Omnisciently cherish the compassionate lap of my divinely mother; for infinite more births of mine, 


It was my undaunted inspiration; to philanthropically serve all bereaved humanity till the very last breath of mine; assiduously persevere all day and twinkling night; to unite all religion; caste; creed and tribe; handsomely alike, 


It was my incorrigible inspiration; to romantically philander in the meadows of eternally tantalizing seduction; till even centuries immemorial after I died, 


It was my indomitable inspiration; to resiliently pursue the innermost tunes of my soul; tirelessly march on the path of celestial righteousness; even as the most salaciously ghastly impediment dared to come my way, 

It was my enchanting inspiration; to bask in the glory of Omnipotently fascinating scent; let the fragrance of unbiased togetherness be my sole companion till the

absolute end of my time, 


It was my benign inspiration; to magnanimously assist all those in truculently traumatic pain; shower the smiles of my visage; forever upon their uncontrollably

shivering bodies, 


It was my formidable inspiration; to unflinchingly bounce forward even as vindictive thorns of hell torrentially pelted from open sky; to maintain a wave of spell binding phlegmatism even in the face of the most tyrannically lambasting disaster, 


It was my fathomless inspiration; to unendingly fantasize all mesmerizing goodness that lay embellished on this planet; absorb even the most ethereal iota of happiness that lingered abundantly on this marvelous planet, 


It was my unbelievable inspiration; to blossom into an iridescent paradise of beauty as the minutes unveiled; transcend past the barriers of threadbare spuriousness in all aspects of exotic life, 


It was my ubiquitous inspiration; to synergistically enthrall one and all alike; with the tunes of captivatingly enthralling vivaciousness and charismatic grace, 


It was my immortal breath; to not only majestically lead this; but every artistically eclectic life; of a countless more lifetimes, 


O! Yes; it was God's most pricelessly precious gift bestowed perennially upon my heart; it was the most fascinating thing that could have ever happened to me

in my life; it was my reflection that I sighted every dawn in my mirror; it was my HEAVENLY POETRY.

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Heavenly Poetry