Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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Although I hoisted my hands to emboss the scriptures of tomorrow; incorrigibly taking a pledge to pen down all the mesmerizing beauty of this Universe, 

However all I ended up doing was; inundating infinite sheets of paper with her irrefutably sacrosanct name.


Although I opened my lips to sing the most enchanting song on this planet; emulate the mesmerizing nightingale to evolve a river of melodious tunes, 

However all I  ended up doing was; chanting her virtues till times immemorial; falling in an unrelenting reverie on the ground; with volcano's of her voluptuous grace fulminating at the back of my mind.


Although I pulled my eyes open to wander in boundless directions in this world; explore the most enigmatically swirling fantasies rising handsomely towards the sky, 

However all I ended up doing was; riveting them on her dwelling; profusely admiring her sleeping like an celestially innocuous angel under the blanket of resplendently twinkling stars.


Although I opened my mouth to relish the festoon of succulent cherries strewn majestically in the fields; languish in the aisles of untamed desire; after 

sipping sparkling stream water, 

However all I ended up doing was; chewing my own fingers in profuse anticipation; as I anxiously waited for her stupendously royal shadow to sweep past the 

contours of my face.


Although I alighted my foot from domains of insurmountable laziness; to trespass through each cranny of this fathomless globe; lead my life to most excitingly unprecedented limits, 

However all I ended up doing was; incessantly circle around her house all night and day; trying my best to annihilate even the slightest insinuation of evil lingering in vicinity.


Although I unleashed my ears to hear the fathomless myriad of sounds hovering nimbly in the atmosphere; decipher the intriguing puzzles of mother nature, 

However all I ended up doing was; target all my senses profoundly to the cadence of her voice; wholesomely dedicate each  birth of mine to every word she uttered.


Although I unveiled my mind to tackle the most mystical battles offered by pragmatic life; coin solutions to the inexorably inexplicable problems loitering around, 

However all I ended up doing was; dreaming about her euphorically boisterous countenance till decades unfathomable; entwine myself in mind; body and soul

with her immortal spirit.


Although I ripped apart my heart; trying to share all its philanthropic goodness with each organism created in harmonious unison by the Almighty Creator, 

However all I ended up doing was; incarcerate her divinely image in for times beyond existence in each of its thunderous beat.


And although I unfurled my breath in passionate exultation to lead each instant of destined life; persevere to the most astronomical heights; to achieve the ambitions of my holistic survival, 

However all I ended up doing was; surrendering in wholesome entirety to her impeccably heavenly feet; remaining her slave; her admirer; her lover; for countless more births yet to come.

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Her Slave, Her Admirer, Her Lover