Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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I might have euphorically gallivanted to the absolute summit of the rhapsodic mountain; and handsomely kissed the gloriously vivacious crescent of seductive



I might have unrelentingly waded through the poignantly salty oceans; dancing till unsurpassable eternity with the resplendently enamoring dolphins, 


I might have timelessly philandered through the mystically jubilant forests; rhythmically acclimatizing my ebulliently racing pulse; with the enigmatically tantalizing rustling of fresh leaves, 


I might have fervently rolled on titillating mud; encapsulating even the most infinitesimal arena of my exploring demeanor; with profoundly rejuvenating



But eventually at the end of the optimistic day and as the Sun eventually transcended blissfully past the ethereal horizons; there was nothing as  compassionately comforting; as home; sweet home.




I might have relentlessly bathed under the gorgeously sparkling waterfalls; wholesomely oblivious to even the most ardent puff of breath that ecstatically

descended down my nostrils, 


I might have mischievously flirted with fathomless nubile maidens; playing games of  voluptuous hide and seek; as the thunderbolts of rain pelted torrentially from 

crimson sky, 


I might have embarked on the most exhilarating expedition of my lifetime; audaciously leaping towards the clouds; as the entrenchment of perennially silken

dawn engulfed one and all; holistically alike, 


I might have disdainfully lost track of pragmatic time; as I endlessly fantasized beyond the realms of eternally sacrosanct paradise, 


But at the end of the enlightening day and as the Sun eventually disappeared in wholesome entirety for the remainder of the ghastly night; there was nothing as

Omnisciently gratifying; as home; sweet home.




I might have tirelessly recounted tales of ingratiating adventure; to the entire planet; 

fulminating into a reservoir of bubbling enthusiasm as each second unleashed into a wholesome minute, 


I might have unflinchingly faced the most truculently acrimonious of winds; towering as an apostle of irrefutable righteousness; by the grace of Almighty Lord, 


I might have arisen like streaks of uncontrollable lightening in the middle of the night; to eccentrically reminisce the most marvelously majestic moments of my diminutively impoverished existence, 


I might have astoundingly evolved a boundless fountain of creativity; on even the most indigenously dilapidated path; that I nimbly transgressed, 


But at the end of the unassailable day and as the Sun eventually whispered a fugitive adieu to the gigantic sky; there was nothing as philanthropically uniting; as home; sweet home.




I might have inherently inherited an uncanny ability of articulately using my fingers; to encompass the colossal beauty of this wonderfully panoramic planet; in the canvas of my immaculately tiny palms, 


I might have incessantly chortled into tornadoes of frolicking happiness; perpetually smiling even in the most disastrously ungainly moments of penalizing existence, 


I might have tossed in a restless inferno of unending excitement; conceiving the most spell bindingly fantastic vibrations on this Omnipotent earth, 


I might have vociferously placed my footstep on every single cranny of this unfathomably fantastic planet; indefatigably discovering the charisma in God's most

sacred atmosphere; till the very last beat of my heart; and with my minuscule little mind, 


But at the end of the benign day and as the Sun eventually paid its last tributes to regally aristocratic brightness; there was nothing as pricelessly humanitarian; 

as home; sweet home.

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Home Sweet Home