Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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I don't eat to live; I live to eat tantalizing morsels of exotic food; placate insurmountable pangs of my gluttony with the rudiments of captivating nature, 


I don't smell to live; I live to smell to exotically redolent and vivaciously blooming flowers; dance with the fairies on the summits kissing the Moon, 


I don't philander to live; I live to philander in the aisles of untamed desire and perennially everlasting fantasy, 


I don't admire to live; I live to admire all the wonderfully philanthropic; the boundlessly

unsurpassable beauty lingering on this bountiful planet, 


I don't sleep to live; I live to sleep; dream unrelentingly into a land transcending paradise; 

wholesomely oblivious to the uncouthly manipulative vagaries besieging vicious mortals, 


I don't sweat to live; I live to sweat; persevering my best under golden rays of the flamboyant Sun; to caress the ultimate crescendo's of unparalleled success, 


I don't sing to live; I live to sing; blending the tunes diffusing from my poignant throat; stupendously with the eternal bliss in the marvelous atmosphere, 


I don't blink to live; I live to blink; mischievously flirt with nubile maidens; trespassing through a carpet of ingratiating mysticism; and incredulous enthrallment, 


I don't philosophize to live; I live to philosophize; disseminating the perpetually harmonious essence of truth and benevolent brotherhood; to every cranny of

this Universe entrenched with inexplicable pain, 


I don't hear to live; I live to hear; profusely absorb the most enamoring sounds in free space; to catapult above the majestically heavenly clouds, 


I don't procreate to live; I live to procreate; spawn countless of my kind; ensuring that I continued the chapter of existence; even after I abdicated my last iota of breath, 


I don't race to live; I live to race; letting the spirit of uninhibited exhilaration forever reign supreme in each of my devastated senses; eternally surging forward to rejoice the awesomely Omnipotent colors of life, 


I don't study to live; I live to study; indefatigably endeavor to imbibe all the benign goodness entrapped within the cocoons of; invincible solidarity, 


I don't bathe to live; I live to bathe; intransigently deluge each pore of my ruthlessly bedraggled skin; with magically rejuvenating mountain water, 


I don't evolve to live; I live to evolve; blossoming into an unfathomable festoon of newness as each instant unveiled; romanticizing in the full ardor of existence; until I 

quit my final breath, 


I don't adventure to live; I live to adventure; intrepidly crusading over all impediments that confronted me in my way; plunging into a valley of unimaginable exuberance; even in the heart of precariously tingling midnight, 


I don't write to live; I live to write; inundating fathomless volumes of ecstatically barren paper; with exquisitely Oligarchic fantasy and the epitomes of literature, 


I don't breathe to live; I live to breathe; ignite thunderbolts of incomprehensible desire with each puff of air I exhale; supremely exult in the flames of compassionate sharing that life had to wholesomely offer me, 


And I don't love to live; I live to love; insatiably dedicating each of my heartbeat to the person I cherished; taking birth an infinite times more than infinity; to be born only as her lover; once again.

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I Live To Love