Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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In devastating despair leading to absolute hell; as well as a river of perpetual  happiness, 

In treacherous malice charring you to raw ash; as well as a cloud burst of bountifully tantalizing rain, 


In bizarre winds of acrimonious winter; as well as golden sunshine melodiously bestowing from the silver skies, 


In gruesomely crippling paralysis; as well as robust exhilaration triumphantly galloping towards the corridors of unparalleled success, 


I will always be there with you O! Beloved; even if it meant blending each element of my countenance; with debilitatingly threadbare soil.



In inexplicable sadness perpetuating doomsday; as well as a celestial reservoir of unflinchingly Herculean strength, 


In acridly sweltering deserts; as well as oceans of perennial harmony blossoming into a fountain of mesmerizing resplendence, 


In ghastly blackness enshrouding you from all sides; as well as flamboyantly brilliant light proving a messiah at each step you tread, 


In moments of lecherously pathetic boredom; as well as profoundly enchanting newness blooming into a festoon of united humankind, 


I will always be there with you O! Beloved; even if the devil uncouthly blinded my eyes; thoroughly maimed me without respite.


In gutters rotting towards horrendous extinction; as well as a blanket of magically emollient rose strewn astoundingly in the pristine fields outside, 


In tragically crippling instants which lamented the bereaved; as well as fresh signs of rhapsodically blessed birth, 


In ludicrously stone dumb silence; as well as the majestically shimmering island of ultimate paradise, 


In webs of malicious infidelity breaking your heart; as well as torrential thunderbolts of incredulously vivacious desire, 


I will always be there with you O! Beloved; even if cold-blooded avalanches of manipulation; brutally pulverized me like an ant; well before my destined time.


In miserably slithering cocoons of defeat; as well as the summit of the handsome mountains towering well above the voluptuous clouds, 


In rustically nomadic realms of impoverished illiteracy; as well as the royally embellished throne; marvelously epitomizing the Oriental castle, 


In profusely famished corridors of the vociferously wailing stomach; as well as fathomless platters of gold inundated with the most magnificent jewels on

this planet, 


In corpses of invidiously flagrant betrayal; as well as winds of immortally passionate heartbeats and love, 


I will always be there by your side O! Beloved; even if every iota of sky blended with black soil; and every tomorrow died even before the previous night could arise.

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I Will Always Be There With You.