Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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I write to alleviate tumultuously bereaved humanity; impregnate optimistic beams of hope in the lives of all those miserably divested, 


I write to unrelentingly explore the enchanting beauty of this gigantic Universe; bountifully assimilate all exotic goodness of the atmosphere in my wandering



I write to give the most voluptuously poignant expression to words; churn majestic artistry out of even the most; inconspicuously threadbare,  


I write to blissfully placate my turbulently  asphyxiated soul; fulminate into astoundingly vibrant newness; every unfurling instant of the gloriously Sunlit day, 


I write to exuberantly trigger the chords of my imagination to the most unprecedented limits; unleash a whirlpool of unfathomable discovery in every

alphabet that I chiseled; with my very own blood, 


I write to perpetually embrace the winds of seductive romance; titillate every devastatingly frigid arena of my visage; with the profusely irrevocable mysticism in 

the; vivid atmosphere, 


I write to make every haplessly shattered organism on this fathomless planet; celestially unite in the uninhibitedly priceless wings of; scintillating humanity, 


I write to ebulliently break the monotony of manipulative office; keep myself boundless kilometers away from; diabolically commercial and spuriously white collared business tycoons, 


I write to wholesomely free the innocuously impeccable; from chains of barbaric slavery; and insanely tyrannical incarceration, 


I write to wholeheartedly divulge the innermost of my feelings to this unending planet; walk shoulder to shoulder and with profound equanimity lingering in my

crystalline eyes; abreast my comrades marching towards irrefutable righteousness, 


I write to inculcate Herculean poignancy in my lackadaisical blood; unequivocally ensure that each element of my countenance; blazed ahead in the unparalleled ardor to lead euphoric life,  


I write to eternally soar in the clouds of beautifully bestowing companionship; perennially unite with all those with a philanthropic conscience; with all those

shedding even the last droplet of their blood for the sake of their sacrosanct motherland, 


I write to handsomely relieve the unsurpassable dormitories of imagination in my brain; imparting them a cloudburst of enamoring shapes and panoramic forms, 


I write to innocently relive the memories of immaculate childhood; stupendously cherish all those revered moments when I indefatigably flirted in the aisles of mischief; eventually interlocking myself in the lap of my mother; for times immemorial, 


I write to ubiquitously commiserate with all humanity irrespective of caste; creed or color wonderfully alike; filter a path of supremely optimistic light; through every benign stanza of my verse, 


I write to heavenly coalesce with my aboriginal rudiments; embark on a fabulous expedition to backtrack time; fantastically discovering the very first puff of breath from which I was born, 


I write to majestically feel the breeze of togetherness; marvelously experience the empathy of all those with a symbiotically holistic soul; even though I stood disastrously alone,  


I write to incessantly broaden my perspective about this enthralling earth; enshroud each iota of my bedraggled demeanor; with the everlasting spirit of timelessness, 


I write to exhale incomprehensible tornados of air without the slightest of circumspection; so that the air regally entrapped in my penurious lungs; was

ecumenically there for all to share, 


I write to synergistically exist; execute my plethora of humanely activities; with the most gorgeously melodious dexterity; jubilantly absorbing even the gruesomely acrimonious chapters of mystical life, 


Most importantly; I write because my heart wants me to; astoundingly proliferating into a mountain of tantalizing seduction; even as hell rained down from sky to forever lick the earth.

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