Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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Snow drops fall incessantly, 

cloud mass turns blacker in complexion, 

as the sun sleeps in cosmic rays of galaxy.

avalanche of ice descends down the slope, 

tumbling fast with violent draughts of Swiss wind, 

growing larger with every coat of frozen ice, 

passing tall Christmas pine, 

projecting tracks of ice rail, 

hollow caves of mountain bear, 

finally reaches lonely stretch of desolate road, 

breaking into scattered mass of icy platelets, 

diffusing with an echoed thud, 

on instants of land contact, 

obscuring a furlong of visible concrete, 

into multiple bed sheets of frozen water.

i stare in delight from my cottage window, 

witnessing the encounter of snow and land, 

drag myself into a atmosphere of death cold, 

clad in heavy scarf and coat, 

with Dunlop plugs embedded in both ears, 

gum boots plodding vehemently, 

forming triangular treads in crusts of snow, 

and cylindrical torch light clearing the smog, 

filtering a beam of welcome light, 

as i stealthily approach the mound of ice, 

make a silent prayer, 

take fistfuls of snow in cupped hands, 

devour it down my throat, 

numbing and choking branched arteries, 

slowing down metabolic rates of my body, 

imprisoning my heart with a vice like grip.

deathly pall embraces my face, 

my legs tremble to hold my weight, 

as i finally bid adieu to this world.

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Icy Death